The phenomenon called coral bleaching - Part 2

Affairs resents Sign’s (Fatal Signs), Philippine television’s first full-length documentary on what is considered the most pressing environmental issue today – the world’s changing climate as a result Of decades Of unchecked human activity - The phenomenon called coral bleaching introduction. Following in the tradition of AY Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, Sign’s aims to bring the concept closer to home through a nation-wide investigation of the manifestations of climate change.

Award-winning journalists, Howe Severing, Make Pallid and Raff Time travel o different parts of the country to prove that the impact of climate change reaches far beyond the glaciers of the Polar Regions. Severing visits Bucolic, where a 150-meter fault line and intensifying typhoons threaten to bury towns with landslides. Pallid discovers a town in La Union that has dwindled to more than half of its original size. In II Indo, Palatal, Time ventures underwater to investigate a phenomenon called coral bleaching.

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The phenomenon called coral bleaching
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To provide the most in-depth report, Sign’s brings together scientists from coal and international institutions, including Filipino NASA Senior Research Scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Dry. Josef Comics, and experts from the International Rice Research Institute (AIR), Marine Science Institute, Greenback, and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WFM), and other climate change experts. Sign’s brings Filipino viewers a comprehensive look on climate change, its causes, effects, and the measures that must be taken to prevent its disastrous consequences.

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