Similarities between Mongols and Aztecs Essay

The rise of the Aztec and Mongol empires had a large impact on the areas the inhabited. The vast difference in geographical regions and mode of inhabitant s caused the two empires to develop in very unique ways. Both the Aztec and the Mongol s were very similar in many aspects including their goal of gaining complete power and ex panging their empires over a vast area.

Even though the Aztec and Mongols shared many s molarities in heir war tactics, they were separated in their advancements in technology an d religion.

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Similarities between Mongols and Aztecs
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Aztec: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Disliked and distrusted Human sacrifice Strong warriors Worshiped the sun Stationary living Isolated More technologically advanced Mongols: Nomads Islamic religion Adopted prior customs Not as technologically 5. Hierarchical political system Goth: 1. Brutal 2. Saw sacrifice as a prestigious and honorable act. 3. Rower hungry Prompt number 2 Mongol rule had a significant political and economical impact on China and R USIA. The Mongol rule was much more significant over the Chinese than it was over the Russians.

The Russians were given much more leniency within their politically, while the Chinese were given much less freedom. Economically, the Mongols had a similar effect on b 20th China and Russia. Both regions experienced an economic boom with the improvement o f infrastructure and technology like gun powder.

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