Simple Instructions (Marines) Essay

Why is following simple instructions important? Well for one its important to listen to what your NCO’s tell you to do no matter what the situation is (unless they are giving you an unlawful order) or else you could be spending your own personel time writing pointless essays rather then doing thing you need to get done/things you enjoy doing. Without instructions the world would be chaos therfore rules and instructions were created to keep the world running smoothly.

Simple Instructions could be given to you for a sepcific reason and you may not follow these instructions because you may think they are dumb or any other reason but it may be for an important reason you may not know about. Also most likely whomever is giving you these instructions probably knows more then you so theres a good chnace that they are only giving you these simple instructions for your own benefit. Following simple instructions given by your NCO’s is also a sign of respect so by blowing or gaffing them off is showing a huge sign of disrespect.

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Simple Instructions (Marines)
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The last thing you want to do is disrespect your NCO’s. Simple Instructions can also save lives. Being a united states marine me and all the marines that are high ranking then me could be called into action at any given time such as if we decide to go to war with a country or if a country goes to war with us. Almost everything we do at work can relate back to a combat situation. My Nco’s will give me small tasks to do and if i can not preform the small tasks they ask me to do how can they trust me with their own lives in combat. could screw up and not listen to a simple instruction thats given that could cost me my own life or even worse my own brothers and sisters in arms lives. I would not want to be the one to tell one of my fellow marines families that I killed their son or daughter because I couldnt listen to a simple instruction I was given. Not only could simple instructions affect lives but it can also affect promotions. Such as myslef a PFC being promoted to Lance Corporal.

If a marine can not be trusted with a simple instruction given by there NCO’s, then there NCO’s appointed over them probably would not see it fit to promote them to any higher ranks. Also with higher ranks comes more responsibilaty such as haveing other junior marines under your jurisdiction. so you would be in charge of the lives of some marines and if you can not follow a simple instruction theres no way possible you could be trust with another human beings life.

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