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Single Parenting in the United States

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Single parenting in the United States has been a serious issue for many decades. Having your own family is a beautiful thing, but raising your children on your own is very different. Single parenting is usually referred to a parent who has most of the day-to-day responsibilities in the raising of the child or children, which would categorize them as the dominant caregiver who is not living with a spouse or partner, or those who are not married. Being a single parent comes with many challenges, not everyone is capable of being able to take care of their children n their own.

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Single Parenting in the United States
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There are many reasons why single parenting occurs. The main reason why adults end up being a single parent is because of divorces. Unfortunately not many marriages last. The problem is that when people are married they tend to want to make there own family, that’s when kids are born. Then when the divorce occurs one of the parents stay with the kid ending up to be a single parent.

Another reason could be that maybe you were never married. If you were never married then there really isn’t a real commitment, so you can have a kid with
Hernandez page 2
Somebody and that person can leave you as a single parent whenever they want. Of course their consequences, but it happens.
It takes a lot to be a single parent. When you are a single parent you have all the responsibilities. You have to make sure your children are getting well educated, well fed, and well treated. You are there role model and what they see they learn.
According to facts a single parent raises one out of two Americans kids. In order for a single parent to be successful they need to fulfill roles as mother and father. They need to be nurturing, caring, and loving as well as assertive. They
Also need to be good at scheduling because there are not 2 parents that could pick them up from soccer practice etc. They also need a lot of patience because it can be frustrating with just you raising a child. Also some.

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