Skaters Minority Research Paper Dear Town Essay

Skaters Minority Essay, Research Paper

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Skaters Minority Research Paper Dear Town Essay
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Dear Town Board,

I am composing this missive to allow you cognize how of import it is for you to assist alter the Torahs in respects to skateboarding - Skaters Minority Research Paper Dear Town Essay introduction. Please take a few proceedingss to read my missive, as I hope to assist you to understand why I skate and why skateboarding should non be considered a offense.

You see I am a skateboarder. I love to skate. Skateboarding is a manner of life for me, which you might non understand. Skateboarding has been around since the early 1920 & # 8217 ; s. Our great-great grampss and great-grandmothers put roller-skate wheels on apple-crates ; finally they evolved into the first skateboards that were sold in hardware shops around the U.S. every bit early as 1950. Huge growing in the sixtiess came approximately when the clay wheel replaced the steel wheels.

Since so, United States metropoliss have done a fantastic occupation in making diversion countries in their public Parkss for about every athletics known to adult male. Basketball tribunals, football and association football Fieldss, baseball diamonds, tennis and racquetball tribunals, the list could travel on and on. But for one ground or another skateboarding has been neglected.

Skateboarding is an activity that requires physical strength, staying power, and an aggressive attitude toward success, all of which go on to be traits of what we label as a & # 8220 ; athletics & # 8221 ; . Skateboarding is a genuinely originative athletics that emphasizes the incorporation of metropolis terrain into smooth, fast motions. It & # 8217 ; s a athletics that accepts anyone willing to seek it. It doesn & # 8217 ; t discr

iminate against race, faith, or sexual orientation. This is why I love to skate. I can skate whenever and wherever I want. I don’t need a field. I can skate to school and acquire some exercising. I can skate with my friends, male childs or misss. I can skate entirely. I can skate to work- save clip, money, and the environment. All I need is the legal right to skate on the street.

Or, I need a skatepark where I can skate, run into new people and assist back up an industry that supports my individualism. Every twelvemonth there are more than 350 million dollars spent on skateboarding-related merchandises. Everything from wheels and kneepads, to places and vesture points, I & # 8217 ; m certain you & # 8217 ; ve seen a telecasting commercial or advertizement in a magazine recently that features a skateboarder.

Yet, the current tendency in metropolis law-making is turning skateboarders into felons by criminalizing skateboarding in downtown countries, where the entire figure of skateboarders is greatest, and non supplying an alternate to what was stripped off. We are one of the cross-sections of America & # 8217 ; s young person that needs you the most. Please don & # 8217 ; t turn your dorsums on us, like so many others have, by disregarding my missive. Ours is a existent job that requires people in your place to be portion of the solution.

I understand that regulations and ordinances are necessary to assist maintain the people and the people around me safe and happy. I hope that you will seek and understand that I want to be safe, happy, and able to sit my skateboard.



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