Slavery: Annotated Bibliography - Slavery Essay Example

Slavery: Annotated Bibliography

Sylvester, M - Slavery: Annotated Bibliography introduction. (1998).  The African American: A Journey from Slavery to Freedom.  Long Island    University.  Retrieved October 13, 2008, from


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               In this resource, Professor Melvin Sylvester of the Long Island University has put up an exhibit documenting the African American’s road to slavery and freedom.  Slavery had been the main reason for the disunity among the members of the Union, and the African

               American were at the center of that controversy.  Professor Sylvester’s exhibit recounts the period in American history that has left behind deep scars among its people.  It tells about the historical events and the struggles, which lead to the abolition of slavery in the country and the unification of all states.

Thoreau, H.D.  (1854).  Slavery in Massachusetts.  The Thoreau Reader.  Retrieved October 13,

          2008, from

               Slavery in Massachusetts is an essay written by Henry David Thoreau in 1854.

               Thoreau was a great advocate of abolition in the United States and published many works to express his thoughts and opinions on the issue of slavery.  He wrote this essay after Anthony Burns, a fugitive slave, was reenslaved in Boston, Massachusetts.  In this essay, Thoreau expressed disbelief that he was asked to speak about abolition in Nebraska when right there in Massachusetts the people had not regretted what happened to Anthony Burns.

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