Small College vs Large College

which means you are not getting as high a quality as you would likeArticle Source: http://EzineArticles. com/90219 Small Colleges Vs. Large Colleges When choosing a college, one should take many aspects into consideration. Consider such things as location, majors and minors offered, campus size, sporting events, and student population. The most important feature is the size of the school and student population. Although there are some superior advantages about going to a larger college or university, attending a smaller school definitely has more.

Smaller college campuses are more beneficial because students can build stronger relationships with instructors and peers, creating a successful environment. When scheduling classes at a smaller college you don’t have to worry about having enough time to make it from one class to the other. In larger colleges this becomes a major issue for some students. While a small college provides better time management, classes often fill up quicker due to the small class sizes. Students are left having to take summer courses or attend another semester just to make up for the required credits.

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The transition from high school to college can be a challenge for many. Students who are shy and tend to have high anxiety would benefit more from a smaller college. You are less likely to get lost on campus and you can learn your way around a lot quicker. Larger college campuses can be more beneficial for the outgoing students. Classroom sizes can reach up to 200 students per class. Students who attend larger campuses say it is a more exciting environment with a wider variety of activities offered. Most recipients of athletic scholarships prefer to attend a larger college for the well known athletic programs.

On the other hand, it can be more difficult to “break in” to popular activities on a larger campus. After all, the more students there are, the greater your competition. When deciding what college to attend, you have to choose if you are going to commute or live on campus. Large college campuses have more on and off campus housing available as opposed to a smaller campus. If you decide to rent an off campus apartment near a large university you will be paying a greater amount in rent than you would in a smaller college due to the high demand. Parking is another issue many students face.

Small colleges usually give you the option to purchase a parking pass to park on campus. Larger colleges don’t always have this option. Many students are faced with having to take a bus or shuttle to the campus. Many may think a bus would be more sufficient because you don’t have to scramble to find a parking place. Others consider it a burden especially during the winter months when they are stuck waiting at a bus stop. Most of the buses and shuttles get so crowded that you are stuck with standing room only. Both large and small college campuses have well educated professors and teachers.

Unfortunately at the larger campuses you are often taught by the teachers assistant, which means you are not getting as high a quality as you would like. Small campuses on the other hand have smaller classes. These smaller classes may put emphasis on learning and hands on experience. Another pro for attending a small college is the advisors know the students very well. An advisor at a large college see a hundred kids a day and won’t ever remember your name or what classes you are taking.

Also, there is a greater sense of community at a small school. You aren’t just a umber on an ID card, there you are a person with a face and a name. Every school has its own personality, just as people do. You may be a small school person, you may not. But if you think you might have it in you, go for it. The advantages far outweigh the pitfalls. There will be an on-going list of reasons why a student should go to what college. What it really comes down to is wherever the student feels in their comfort zone and feels confident in going to a new world of education. College is what you make of it no matter what college you choose.

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