Soccer Passion Essay

Since I have use of reason I like soccer. I was born in Peru, but I was raised in Colombia. By that time Peru had a great soccer team, better than Colombian team, and I was very proud about it. My favorite soccer team in Colombia was Independiente Santa Fe. I was a few days to celebrate my 11 birthday and my father took me and my brother to “Nemesio Camacho” stadium, “El Campin” in Bogota, Colombia, to see the most important game in Colombian soccer, capital’s classic, Independiente Santa Fe vs Atletico Millonarios, in street language santafe-millos.

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Soccer Passion
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It was April 29, 1979, and I didn’t know, but I was going to see the best all time game between both teams. My first visit to a soccer game will change forever a simple affection on a great passion, a great “soccer passion. ” El Campin stadium in Bogota, Colombia is located on 30th road, one of the most important streets in Bogota. It is a modern stadium, even today.

This day, Sunday April 29, 1979, started very early for my brother and me, I was very excited about the game and see it in the stadium. Every minute looks like one hour, that day ran so slowly, my brother and I were counting the seconds to go at the game.

It was around 1 pm when we went out to the stadium, and when we arrived it was full of people, cars and, sellers. You can smell people’s passion. There were a lot of sellers selling memories about each team, t-shirts, food and too many things more. The atmosphere was really hot. When we went inside the stadium, I felt a power sensation. Everything looks like it was going to be an amazing day. The stadium was full, people were singing songs from their teams, they cried their favorite soccer player names, and they cried that their team will be the winner. In some spots eople with noisy stereos were dancing tropical songs and they showed with their t-shirts with their team preference. When the teams took the field, it was amazing, millions of small piece of papers fly around the stadium. Thunderous fireworks lit up the stadium and people were celebrating an incredible party. Everything was ready for the game. The game was the best soccer game that I have ever seen. A few minutes after the game started, my team Santa Fe, scored the first goal, and 10 minutes later, my favorite soccer player Ernesto Diaz, was scoring the second goal. Santa Fe’s fans were excited; I remember seeing many fans in tears of joy.

The game continued and Millonarios leaded by his best soccer player Willington Ortiz took control of the game, and the goals started coming. Millonarios scored 4 times in less than 30 minutes. There was much confusion and disorder in my team. Santa Fe’s coach made desperate changes to the team and a young football player entering the field, Torres. Torres was the correct change, the team started to play around him and goals did not take long. Santa Fe scored two goals in the last 15 minutes of the game, leaving the match tied 4-4. When the game was finished for the referee, people were fascinated, this game have been amazing.

According to soccer literates, we were in one of the best soccer games between both teams. For too many people it was the best all time Bogota’s classic soccer game. As a result of that game my soccer passion grew and grew and still continuous growing. Now soccer is part of my life, I usually go to the stadium whenever I can. Thought soccer I can understand this world with their people and behaviors. Definitely that day something happen in my life, it likes a seed soccer’s passion had been planted into myself, and now still growing, because my first visit at a soccer game was amazing.

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