Soccer poem: Soccer Not a sport but a passion Essay

Not a sport but a passionMakes you feel anything you ever wanted to feelLike heaven on earth, truly an unexplainable thingFootball, Soccer, Feutball, FussballMany names but only one game, only one meaningYou are an artist with the ball on your feetCreating works of art with what you can achieveThe perfect pass; like a thread through a needlePassing is the key to the gamePlacing the perfect pass past the players to your partner is not a skill yet a destinySwoosh! You will know it when you hear it that surely was the perfect passFeel the field underneath your feet, feel the impact of the ball as you strike itFeel your first goalSuch feelings so remarkable, so significantLike you’re a magician being able to do the unrealWow! Saying the word fills your body with adrenaline ready to play- SoccerNow get ready for the kickoffBecause this is Heaven on earth, truly an unexplainable thing

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