soccer today Essay

today football has many greats and variety of young talents but have we ever wondered why we get to here of only a few good players from the past? back then there used to be poor and weak defence which you would figure out on being asked whether you knew of some great defenders of that time.. only a few . now that soccer is developing with higher standards and the game not only depending on individual performances .. the game is becoming bigger and better day by day .
hunting down strikers like dogs is what defending has become .. where pele would be considered a great for scoring against weak defenders you would wonder how he would play if was born in this era..
the introduction of goal line technology has made the game even better.. this technique is a big succes due to its accuracy in telling whether the ball crossed the goal line or not.. i still feel introduction of further technology which would help the assistant referees would also be a great success .. this would help them in accurate decision making in case of offside and throw ins even corners… a review may also help in getting penalties rightfully or even avoiding them .. referees should be countered by teams and forced to take a review which may force him to reverse his decision … one could imagine of many more such things .. but if you are living the game right now you should consider yourself lucky because this is the defining era of the game .. soccer has never been this fun to watch .. the rise and fall of some of the greats of the game and those insane goals from somewhat 30 to 40 yards out and those acrobatic movements.. this era surely defines soccer

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