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Social Discrimination, Identity, and Stereotyping

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Social Discrimination, Identity, and Stereotyping Introduction The Problem with society is that we cannot accept that we are all different. Many people have seen others as different from themselves but feel that they are in the majority of people that are alike. This can be called social discrimination. Stereotypes are prevalent in society. Stereotypes are inevitable and unpreventable. As we accept that we are always under scrutiny in others eyes we begin to examine ourselves. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of stereotyping and discover how they lead to greater social identity.

Once they learn their identity they find themselves stereotyping themselves and others. A stereotype is a …show more content…

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Social Discrimination, Identity, and Stereotyping
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The presences of stereotypes are overwhelming and are developed by both the environment a subject is raised in and their family. Stereotypes, which are pervasive throughout different societies, become intertwined in the collective values of the society as justification for all forms of social, economic, and political inequality among groups (Devine and Elliot 2000;Kaplan 2004; Operario and Fiske 2004).

As people become more exposed to stereotypes they start to become a permanent part of a person’s life, they begin to stereotype themselves almost always involuntarily. Now moving on to social identity, it is important because it is an ingredient for social discrimination. In order for people to discriminate they have to belong to a group. Social identity theory suggests that people “remain loyal when they feel that their organizations have same values and appreciate them” (Tyler, 1999, p. 235). However, social identity theory maintains that when people feel that their organization values and appreciates them, it is a sign of organizational respect for them or of their high status within the organization (Tyler). High status is likely to increase people’s organizational commitment because it enhances their social identity (Tyler). Therefore, social identity is reflected in people’s self-esteem (Chattopadhyay, 1999). Social Identity Theory has a considerable impact on social psychology. It is tested in a wide range of .

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