Social Media and the Positive Effects on Life Essay

Social networking is becoming a large part of the everyday life that we live in - Social Media and the Positive Effects on Life Essay introduction. With that being said, a lot of people use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for many different reasons. For example, people could catch up with family, to catch a laugh every once in a while, or to keep up with old friends from high school. Some people are against social media saying that it can be bad for people and their lives. Social media is beneficial because empowers individuals to make social change in their community, allows people to improve their relationships and make new friends, and helps increase the quality of life and reduce the risk of health problems. In today’s modern society, people have become more attached to electronics more than anything else.

In This day and age, it seems that with the fast paced life style we are accustomed to, smart phones, laptops and tables are the things we now can’t “Leave home without”. With Blogs and online journals growing in popularity since the late 90s, people have found it easy to release their feelings through social media. In recent years, especially with societies with less freedom than ours, they turn to social media to express their ideas and express their views on current issues. With social media, all shared ideas and views come together in a more social setting that is easily accessible to everyone therefore making social and communal changes more impacting than ever. A great example of this is the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Millions of citizens from a vast socio-economical background were unhappy with the ruling reign and wanted to make a change. Right away people took to social media to express their opinion and set up protest.

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Social Media and the Positive Effects on Life
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Many news sources credit social media as a key factor in the uprising. Social networking is also beneficial because it helps to improve relationships with friends and family. Some people use it to stay up to date with current friends and also to keep in touch with friends that they haven’t seen in a while. In addition, people can also stay connected with close and extended family members that they may only get to see on certain occasions such as holidays. According to, “70% of adult social networking users visit the sites to connect with friends and family, and increased online communication strengthens relationships”.

Whatever the case may be, according to, statistics show that “57% make new friends” with the use of different forms of social media. In conclusion, social networking sites have been highly useful in a variety of ways to communicate and reciprocate with one another. Equally important, some say that they prefer to use social networking to communicate with people rather than doing it in person. These types of relationships being built help to improve your health in many different ways. Using technology like social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, allow you to interact with many different people. Connecting to people who have the same interest as you or facing the same problems you are going through allows you to look for parallels in your life.

A psychiatrist from the University of Portsmouth’s School of Computing says that of the 144 users she studied, almost 90 per cent of users access the site to look at their own Facebook wall posts: “Facebook is marketed as a means of communicating with others, but this research shows we are more likely to use it to connect with our past selves, perhaps when our present selves need reassuring. The pictures we often post are reminders of a positive past event. When in the grips of a negative mood, it is too easy to forget how good we often feel, and our positive posts can remind us of this.” Social media helps you to cope with all types of situations like cancer, death, having a baby, and other aspects associated with life. Social media also allows you to research prevention method systems of the problems that you may be facing, and gives us ideas and solutions that may be beneficial to your health. They have tracking progresses that help maintain your weight or even help lose weight putting you on certain diets.

In this day and age technology has given a wide selection of help or companionship online. This can be seen as very beneficial when trying to access information. In conclusion, social media is valuable because of the empowerment it gives individuals to make social change in their communities, allows people to develop their relationships and expand their circle of friends, and helps foster the quality of life and decrease the possibility of health problems. Brian Solis, a digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, said it best, “Social media sparked a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.” If we continue to be influenced by the effects of this emerging technology the benefits on our personal lives and communities will continue to develop in a positive manner.

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