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Social Media: Facebook What is social media? - Social Media: Facebook introduction?? According to authors Green and LaFlam they stated, “The best way to define social media is to break it down. Media is an instrument on communication, like a newspaper or a radio, so social media would be a social instrument of communication. ” Social Media and networking has been around us for some time now and it seems that is continues to gain more momentum on a daily basis. Due to the popularity with the majority of internet users, it is currently has the internet at the edge of its seat waiting to discover more.

There are countless numbers of social sites around but the biggest most popular site is Facebook. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with more than 900 million users. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 while he was attending Harvard University. He intended Facebook for college students attending Harvard University but was such a success that it became an epidemic to other universities in different states to everywhere around the world. (The Guardian 2007) Facebook is a site offers many different uses for people across the world.

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Facebook has a lot of advantages for people who use this site. It’s a free website that many high school, college graduates, family members, and businesses use this site to get reconnected or get connected with each other. Friendships are hard to come by sometimes and losing touch often happens to good friends. One of the biggest benefits of Facebook is that you can easily stay connected with a best friend or family member who has moved away. Facebook allows you to instant message them or post photos, so you don’t have to wait to chat or share your joys and sorrows as you would with phone calls or emails.

This can ease the hurt when your pals move away and make it easier to keep your friendship going. Facebook is extremely helpful for families as well. People have families across the world and Facebook helps them stay connected in each other’s lives. It is also used to help people find their families and discover family members that they have not met or know about. Facebook has also been known to help with romantic relationships as well. Many users have found love or keep in touch with their loved ones over this site.

Facebook is a great big helpful tool for businesses, whether it’s to promote that upcoming or existing company or to search for potential employees. “Facebook provides a great platform to advertise for business houses. Since the portal serves as the common destination for a diverse network of people, business houses can take the advantage for mass promotion of product or service. ”(Traud, Mucha, Porter 2012). Also, the categorization of the groups allows advertisers to advertise as per their target audience. However, like anything else on the internet, Facebook is not only gainful, it also has a number of drawbacks.

Although family and friends uses Facebook to stay connected and to keep each other updated it also can affect the relationship because a person may share too much information. A family member or friend may become upset because of the information shared or the comments being made by others. It is not uncommon to see people updating their status or writing on the walls of others about their problems with family or work. People need an outlet to vent, but often fail to consider Facebook is a pretty open network with a large audience, which makes anything they post up for discussion for all to see.

When private matters are streamed across Facebook, this can lead to contention in relationships. All too often people forget that the web is a public place, and comments or photos posted can be embarrassing to family and friends, which can lead to the destruction of a relationship. As far a business goes you can ruin your professional life. You might be one of those millions of people who are unemployed and use Facebook to post offensive images of you and your friends. Though it is fun and provides humor for all your friends to see, it can be a major drawback when you apply for a job.

Employers will want to know more about you and by searching on these social networking sites which contain your offensive content, employers may get upset and could result in losing the job role that you applied for. There might have been a high chance of getting the job, but because of your social network page, your chances were ruined. The first site they would search would be on Facebook because it’s the most popular. Romantic relationships can be affected tremendously because Facebook can display things that the significant other may not take a liking to like not changing the status of one relationship.

This may cause insecurity on the relationship because it would seem like the person does not want to tell the world that they are in a relationship. Old pictures of yourself and your “EX” or just random people can come back and contribute to a bad relationship on Facebook. This will create a great deal of insecurity and a lack of trust as he/she will always think you are doing what you’ve come to be notorious for when he/she is not by your side. People need to be cautious about what photos you are tagged in and what photos you have posted on ones page.

If you have flaws, which you most likely do, he/she will be well aware from your photo gallery. This may change the outlook of the person you are dating and can cause a failed romantic relationship. Facebook is a site that has many uses that are both positive and negative both is which is all about being a part of a social media site. Having any type of relationship on Facebook can benefit you and be unbeneficial because your openly putting your business on the internet where everyone can view and comment and which ultimately alters whether the relationships are good or bad.

References Traud, A. , Mucha, P. , Porter, M. (2012). Community Detection; Clustering; Online Social Networks: Physical A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications. 391 (16), pp. 4165-4180 Retrieved from Baker College Library. Phillips, S. , (2007). The Guardian: Facebook effects on relationships. The Guardian News. Carpenter, J. , Green, M. , LaFlam, J. (2011). People or profiles: Individual differences in online social networking use. Journal 50(5), pp. 538-541 Retrived from SciVerse ScienceDirect Journals.

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