Social Networking Essay - Part 4

Social networking essay plan: Introduction: Online Social networking (OSN) has changed the approach to how society is able to communicate amongst one another with ease. Online Social Networking allows members to share each and every detail happening within their life; such as personal information, photos, status updates and events (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). Online Social Networking sites have recently played a role in revolutions across several Arab and African countries (M.

Attia, Aziz, Friedman and F. Elhusseiny 2011). One illustration of an up rise caused by OSN took place in Tunisia. This essay will examine the positive and negative effects of involving an Online Social Networking site called Facebook, in the Tunisian revolution and will then show that online social networking sites had a positive effect on the Tunisian revolution as it allowed the Tunisian people to communicate with one another at ease. Body:

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The Tunisian revolution began when a fruit seller, Muhammad Al Bouazizi; set himself alight in front of a government building, after being mistreated at the hand of local authorities for selling fruits on the street without the legal permit (The New Republic, 2011). The mistreatment of Al Bouazizi sparked outrage at the corrupted government. As a result; protests commenced, which swiftly turned into riots; some of which were violent . The people of Tunisia began to feel their effort to get noticed had been done in vain, as the media ignored the growing up rise (Ryan, 2011).

Despite the lack of media; The Tunisian people managed to find another way to get acknowledged. The Tunisians began using Online Social Networking sites such as Facebook; to record their events, which would allow others to follow their updates (Zuckerman, 2011). This move begun to attract more and more people to Facebook as it also allowed the Tunisians to view photos and videos of the revolution. According to Lewis (2011) “More than 34% of Tunisia’s 10 million people are online. Nearly two million people, or more than 18% of the population, use Facebook”.

Therefore, Facebook was a popular and excellent medium to communicate with. Paragraph 1: Tunisians relied on a social networking sites called Facebook ad Twitter to help spread the revolution. They posted live updates of the protests, as well as helped spread ideas. They were able to discuss the revolution as a crowd of people and this affected the revolution in a positive way post awareness of the revolution, in addition to promote the revolution Positive impacts (achieved their goal)

Paragraph 2: However Facebook was being monitored by the Tunisian government and talking bad about the government was forbidden. If caught, the person In question would be punished as there was no freedom of speech. Negative impacts (on people. People died and businesses were lost and false information was spread rumours) Paragraph 3: The Tunisians used their phones to take live videos and pictures of the protests and upload it onto Social networking sites, allowing people worldwide to see what was happening. Paragraph 4: A lot of false information was spread throughout social networking sites.

Conclusion: (Tunisian people focus on them not government or conflict but don’t forget to mention the word conflict) In conclusion to this essay, based on the evidence stated above, Social Networking Sites affected Tunisia’s conflict in a positive way. It allowed the Tunisian revolution to be promoted as well as reach a wider range of audience. The Tunisian people found ease of finding the information on the protests occurring, on Facebook groups. Tunisians were able to communicate with ease and share ideas and comments. Facebook allowed the revolution to spread faster.

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