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Social Networking: Definition, history, advantages and
By Hakimuddin, 27th Sep 2012 | Follow this author

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Now days social networking is the most important part of our lives. The craze of social networking is increasing day by day. In this article I am providing a detail information of social net working sites. You can get the information like

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Social networking can be defined as a web based service where a man can make his profile and share this profile with others.

These sties are getting popular day by day. Now days these sites have become an important part of our lives. Most of us have joined any of these sites to share different things with our friends, relatives, communities etc. These sites are different in their nature.

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How these sites work?
When a person joins a Social Network Site (SNS) he makes his profile. You have to mention every thing in this site like your name, father’s name, date of birth, nationality, education, your interest, your school, your college etc.


When you make a profile then this profile is published to the other people of the site. The other people who know


you make you a friend request. You have to accept this friend request and after this you are friend of each other.

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Like wise you can see the list of members and you can also send friend request to other people. Like the persons


who know each other, whose interest is similar, whose are from same place, whose religion is same etc become

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friend to each other on these sites. Now you can share different things like photos, opinion, videos etc in these


sites. So, you can say that these sites provide a good platform to the people to make a healthy society.

Elderly Relatives

History of Social Networking Sites


There are almost more than 100 social networking sites but the history of these sites started in the year 1997 when


the first site of this purpose was launched and named as I am providing a simple history of these

Moving Home

sites on the years when sites were launched.

New Mums

Immigration & Emigration


1997 –
1999 – Live journal, Asian Avenue and Black Planet
2000 – Mi Gente
2001 – Cy World , Ryze
2002 – fotolog, Friendster, Skyblog

Rural Living

2003 – LinkedIn, Couch surfing,, My Space, Hi5, Last.FM


2004 – Flickr, Piczo, Mixi, Facebook (Harvard only)

Urban Living

2005 – Yahoo!360, Cy world (China), You Tube, Ning, Facebook (high school networks)


2006 – Facebook (corporate network), Cy world (US), Windows live space, Face book (any one) Twitter




Social Networking: Definition, history, advantages and disadvantages

Wikinut search
So, you can observe that the period between 99 to 2006 was the revolutionary period as Social Networking is concerned and most of the popular sites were launched in this period. Search

Top Five Networking sites
Now I am providing the information of Top five social networking sites. According to ComScore the statistics and rank of different sites are given below: – 7, 92,999 visitors ( 55.1%) – 1,67,903 visitors (11.7 %)
LinkedIn – 94,623 visitors (6.6%)
Google Plus – 66, 756 visitors (4.6 %)
MySpace – 61,037 visitors (4.2% )

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Others – 2,55,539 visitors (17.8 %)
So by observing above data we find that Face book stand first and most of the people are eager to join this site to

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share their profile and other things. The CEO of Face book is Mark Zuckerberg and he was declared as person of year by time magazine in year 2010.

Advantages of social networking sites
There are always two surfaces of a coin. So there are many advantages of social networking sites some advantages are:
1. You can prepare your profile and share it on this site.
2. You can make many friends on this site.
3. You can share the educational materials like project, idea, some important links etc. 4. You can enjoy yourselves by sharing music, videos, photos etc. 5. You will be able to always connect with your friends, relatives and chat with them any time and from any where. 6. You can share your feelings.

7. You will always be updated by news and different things happening all over
the world by your friends. 8. You can get help on every materials since there are a lot of people who are your friend and specialist in different fields.

9. You can send invitations to your friend through this platform. So overall there are many benefits of joining a social networking site.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites
As I have already mentioned that there are always two surfaces of a coin. So there are some disadvantages of social networking sites. Some disadvantages are:
1. You become addict and always try to be online every time. You can see many people who become online always when you log in.
2. The most important disadvantage is the waste of time. Most of the people are so addict that they spend most of the time in surfing this site. This time can be used for development works which will help in the development of our country.

3. I am a teacher and I observed that most of the student are engaged in surfing face book when they got time. It adversely affect their studies.
4. Sometimes people share important documents, bank account number and sometimes passwords also in these types of sites. Any one can see these things and can be misused by other people. 4. Photos which are shared in internet, may be misused for different purposes. 5. Sometimes you are tagged by your friends in irrelative context and it will adversely affect your credit.

Some important tips for security,-history,-advantages-and-disadvantages/3c4u9vel/



Social Networking: Definition, history, advantages and disadvantages

As you see there are some advantages and disadvantages of joining social networking sites. So always remember some important tips for your safety:
Do not share important documents like bank account number, password, pass book etc with anyone in this site. Be careful while sharing any photo in this site. This photo many be misused. Do not share everything of you profile with everyone member of the site. Share all information only with your friends.

Never accept friend request of a member if you do not know him personally. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the site before joining.

I hope this article would be beneficial to you. I have tried my best to summarize detail information in a small article. Please provide you valuable suggestion to improve my article. Place your ad here

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India. I am a teacher and have b een teaching senior
students for 15 years.

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Social Networking: Definition, history, advantages and disadvantages

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