Social networking sites boon to the youth

As the coin has two sides, so it is a fate that there will be both positive and negative effects of the Social networking sites, but it depends how we utilize it Social networking sites have made our world smaller - Social networking sites boon to the youth introduction. Social Networking sites not only allow us to communicate but also express our views with the others. We can always be connected with our relatives and friends even though they are very far away from us. Although we waste our time in chatting, we are totally updated with the present news which is happening around us. We can get the news of every corner of the world by subscribing the news channels in the FACEBOOK. Face book is social networking site from which we can get a plenty of knowledge. We can say that it is a treasure of knowledge. One can get a plenty of information from it. One can enhance his or her knowledge by coming in contact with intellectual around the world. One can clear the doubts and queries about any subject from the scholars that are available on the Social networking sites. He can get the best tips for any subject from the people who are present around the world. Some social networking sites are also useful in the job opportunities. One can easily get the job of their requirement.

Social networking is particularly vital for entrepreneurs. Self-employed can find contacts via professional groups on LinkedIn and Twitter, while business owners can use Face book and Twitter to market their products and services. Face book has a range of services designed for businesses marketing themselves more effectively. Social networking sites are the best means of entertainment. We can also watch videos of our interest on social networking sites. Social networking sites are the best means to propagate our religion and culture. We can share our views on our religion. We can get the knowledge from religious scholars present around the world. We can also make people aware of environmental issues that are happening around the world which is very important in today’s life and We can protect our environment by increasing awareness among the people. At last I would like to say that social sites are a boon to the young generations and can add morals to their life if used in a proper manner.

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