Social Problems of India

Social problems in India require deep insight into the rich heritage and culture of the country - Social Problems of India introduction. It is deep rooted in the Indian heritage and from that is has outgrown to a serious crime prevailing within the boundaries. India is certainly one of the fastest developing nations of the world. It has been more than half a century ago that the country gained independence and became a republic but sadly the freedom of thought and freedom of life is not enjoyed by all even today.

However, issues rooted in our colonial past, cultural processes, socio-economic changes, and certain advancements have together led to experiencing a variety of problems. At present, poverty, gender discrimination, and unemployment are the most distressing social evils in India that has weaken the growth factor of the society. At one end we say economy is progressing at a soaring rate but the truth remains that in certain sections of the country, people are deprived of their basic requirements like food, water, and shelter.

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Poverty in India is a dehumanizing condition that snatches away the right to fulfill necessary resources of life. Gender discrimination is undoubtedly one of those social problems in India that is causing an uncertain imbalance in the society. Issues like girl infanticide, exploitation, illiteracy, maternal mortality, and dowry deaths are throbbing discrimination women of India are subjected to. In all fields and phases of life women are becoming the key targets of various kinds of atrocities. Unemployment is another issue that is pushing many people under the poverty line.

With increasing price of necessary resources of life, unemployed people are unable to fetch themselves and their families. Increasing competition in the business and job sector is aggravating the conditions of unemployment in India. Further to that social evils in India like corruption, illiteracy, and urbanization is also making the condition worst for people living in the Indian society. All these social issues need a careful analysis and demand rational solution to help the society grow in all possible ways. There has to be an end to these social problems in India or else the growth and development of the country will be at stake.

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