Social Roles and Demands of Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychologist

SOCIAL DEMANDS AND PROFESSIONAL ROLES OF WOP-P Introduction Air Nigeria Limited is the Nigeria National Airline; the company announced the suspension all operations for 1 year effective 10th September 2012. The company ascribed the reason for her decision to staff disloyalty and sabotage. Due to the closure, more than 3000 jobs were lost and several billions of naira lost in revenue. The Staff audit of the organization reveals absence of Organizational Psychologist in the Human Resource Department of the company and in her Strategic Planning Department.

Work and Organizational (W/O) Psychologist are professionals with a focus on scientifically-based solutions to human problems in work and other organizational settings. Organization psychologists try to evaluate effectiveness of individuals, groups and organizations. Work and Organizational Psychologist in Nigeria use their specialized knowledge to avert the ugly scenario Air Nigeria experienced. Roles of Work and Organisational Psychologist in Nigeria Work and Organizational Psychologist work in Public and Private Sector.

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In the Public Sector, they are involved in Teaching and Research. The Work and Organization Psychologist in Nigeria private sector perform the same roles with HR Practitioners and the Job role differs as it relate to life cycle of organization. E. g. Infancy, Growth and Maturity. In Nigeria, an infant organization has low budget, low revenue and fewer staff. It is common to see Organization Psychologist work as the Human Resource Manager and Head Administration. Some of the tasks they perform include the under listed: 1.

They plan, develop and implement strategy for HR, including recruitment policies, quality procedures, discipline and grievance counseling and pay-roll administration. 2. Conduct induction and orientation of new employees. 3. Overall management of Employee welfare and personnel matters affecting work life. 4. Coordinate office purchases and verify vendor price lists. 5. Provide support in planning and coordination of all office activities. 6. Visits individual stores to check compliance 7. Training and man power development of the work force. 8. Control HR expenditure within budget.

In Nigeria, Growth and Maturity Corporate Lifecycle of an organization is characterized by revenues climb, new services and products developed, more employees hired etc. Most businesses in Nigeria see this as need to delegate and more departments within the HR are created. Using Ecobank Nigeria as a case study, the key department we have seen organizational psychologist work in that bank include: 1. Manpower Planning: They identify an organisation’s current and future human resource requirements, developing and implementing plans to meet these requirements and monitoring their overall effectiveness. . Performance Management and Reward: This department performs the under listed task: a) Develop clear Job Descriptions and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). b)Negotiate requirements & accomplishment-based on performance standards, outcomes, and measures. c) Conduct periodic performance development discussions. d) Design effective recognition systems that reward people for their contributions. e)Provide promotional/career development opportunities for staff. 3. Talent Management and Training: The department performs the under listed task. Designs, develops, presents, and evaluates corporate learning and development programs and other initiatives including: leadership training, organizational and employee performance management, career planning, mentoring, etc. •Lead the design, development and implementation of programs, policies and strategies tailored to meet organizational development needs •Organizational development consulting: Operates as an organizational leader and internal consultant to management in the identification, development, and implementation of programs to align workforce and business processes. Coordinate and manage competency assessment process, reviews and competency model framework for the organization. •Proactive human resource need identification for the business entities •Progress and effectiveness of learning intervention strategies on organizational effectiveness •Internal customer satisfaction levels for training administration and facilitation programs •Assist with the provision of expert facilitation and coaching to supervisors and managers regarding OD methods and tools •Keep abreast of cutting edge research, programs and practices for employee development and retention.

The Work and Organizational Psychologist Advantage The Human Resources Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organization (PEOs) industry continues to grow as one of the fastest developing outsourcing sectors, just behind IT outsourcing. Nigeria firms are aware of the myriad of advantages it portends this is helping the growth of HR Outsourcing Firms and formation of new company. It is pertinent to note that outsourcing the company HR reduces employment-related expenses, minimize employment risks, improve HR efficiency and improved organization performance.

The market leaders in HR outsourcing Services in Nigeria Include: Phillips Consulting, the Workforce Centre, Kimberley Ryan Limited and VLA Limited. PHILLIPS CONSULTING Phillips Consulting Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Johannesburg. Established in 1992, the firm offers an array of business and management consulting services to government and corporate organisations, seeking superiority in all they do.

The company focus on creating and managing change in organizations by helping them formulate and implement customer focused strategies, align their management systems to support service delivery, and develop the competence and capabilities of their people to deliver on their promises. Some of the services they offer include the following: a)Business Advisory Services: Management Retreat, Market Research, Strategy Development, Surveys and Diagnostics, Corporate Performance Management,Business Plan. b)Training Services: Management training,Technology training and International trainings. )Recruitment:Executive Placement, Head Hunting and Executive Selection. d)Human Capital Management: HR Strategy, Performance/ Improvement Management, Executive Coaching,Thomas Key tools, HR metrics,HR Audit, HR Support Services. THE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT CENTRE Workforce Management Centre (WFMC) is a leading provider of cutting edge solutions that advance the practice of Human Capital, Strategic Talent Management, Leadership and Organisational Development interventions in Nigeria. Founded in July 2004, the focus of the company has been and remains the integration of Human Capital and Business Strategy.

The unique value is in the area of defining the paradigms and talent practices that result in a high-performance culture. The company employs approximately 38 professionals, with offices in Lagos & Abuja and representative offices in all the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria. Some of the Services they offer include the following: a)Strategy and Organisation Effectiveness: Strategic Planning &Execution Management, Organisational diagnostic& restructuring, Competency Framework Development, Curriculum development framework, Performance Management system. )Learning and Performance: Management & Leadership Competencies, Human Resources Competencies, Training Content and E-Learning. c)Talent Sourcing: Executive Search, Graduate Trainee Recruitment Programme, Competency- Based Interviewing Support. d)Talent Assessment: Personality Assessment, Behavioural Assessment, 360 degrees Feedbacks, IT Proficiency Tests, Creation of Customised Assessment tools and Performance Certification.

The services rendered by Philips Consulting and Workforce Management Centre can be handled more efficiently by Work and Organisation Psychologist if offered the opportunity to rendered same service. The practice globally in Human Resource Department and Human Resources Consultancy firm is tailored at Human Resources Business Partnering Model. HR Business Partner Model was developed by Ulrich in early 1990’s. It is concerned with making HR accountable to the business, and expects HR to add real value. According to the poll conducted by Roffey Park in 2008, 53% of Managers believe the model is a failure.

Human Resources Business Partnering Model cannot work in all sectors. i. e. Centre of Service Excellence. Most of HR Outsourcing Firms in Nigeria try to apply this model without considering the peculiarities of each client. As we have individual differences we do have organizational differences. Work and Organizational Psychologist will definitely adopt a Scientific Practitioner Model in diagnosis of problem of the organisation. The denominator that would ensure success or failure for an organisation is the employee.

In recognition of this fact, Work and Organization Psychology try to understand the interaction between ‘’NATURE’’ and ‘’NURTURE’’ to know why people behave the way they do. Work and Organisation Psychologist use statistical models and their in-depth knowdlege of the research on employee attitudes and behaviour as they relate to organistion performance Assessing the services of Nigeria HR Consulting Firms, Work and Organisation Psychologist will deliver better value than HR Consultant in Phillips Consulting in rendering the services of Human Capacity Management.

The Psychologist will deliver better value than consultant working in Workforce Management Centre in rendering the service of Talent Assessment. The reason for this assertion lies in the ability of a Work and Organization Psychologist to design a ‘’tailor made’’ assessment tools that meet the specific need of an organization.

Furthermore, the knowledge of robust procedure or steps in diagnosis of problem in Science of Work and Organization Psychology will aid in making better decisions if a Work and Organization Psychologist is to serve as consultant offering Business Advisory Services in Phillips Consulting or Strategic and Organization Effectiveness Services with The Workforce Management Centre Roles of Work and Psychologist in Implementation of Diversity Management Programme The social roles and demands of Work and Organization Psychology are Cross-Cultural.

The review of the training manual on diversity management published in 2007 that would serve as an aid to effective implementation of EU anti –discrimination legislation reveals that Psychologist knowledge and expertize is needed in effective implementation of the science of diversity management. Diversity Management is the active and conscious development of a future Oriented, value driven strategic, communicative and managerial process of accepting and using certain differences and similarities as a potential in an organization, a process which creates added value to the company.

Work and Organizational Psychologist believe that our differences are product of ?? Nature?? and ?? Nurture??. This can be a comparative advantage that would increase creativity and innovation in work place. Work and Organizational Psychologist working on a diversity program can help the organisation to effect cultural change and increase the organizational capital.

Furthermore, research have shown that well implementation diversity program will increase the quality of organization recruit and lower of staff cost through the reduction in turnover and absenteeism, this is according to training manual on diversity management published by International Society for Diversity Management. Based on independent research into the consequences of bullying and harassment, Royal Mail (UK) for instance estimates that it has achieved a ? 7m saving from the introduction of anti-bullying and harassment policies and procedures.

Work and Organizational Psychologist can help in diversity management applications if the scientific practitioner model is adopted for the implementation of under listed steps. 1. Using the statistical models to determine the members of diversity steering committee. This would ensure that all divergent views are considered and the process of implementation is successful. 2. The Work and Organization Psychologist can predict the future scenario when scientific hypothesis are formulated and tested. Also, Basic statistical forecast models can be incorporated.

I. e. The use of Regression based models e. g. Multi linear Regression, Generalized Addictive models and Pre-scaled Generalized addictive models. All this models can be in incorporated in the Scenario Building Workshop that would have management, members of diversity steering committee and representative from each department. At the end there should be focus on scenario selected. 3. The scenario selected in step 2 should be used to formulate Vision and Strategy. Work and Organizational Psychologist can help to facilitate SWOT analysis technique.

This will highlight and differentiate the strategic gaps or barriers that may block achievement of the enterprise’s current explicit vision and the future working vision. It is also to brainstorm possible activities/opportunities for redesign. 4. The next step is to create diversity audit. What is the attitude of top management and it workforce regarding diversity today? Work and organizational psychologist can assist in creation of valid and reliable customized tools for the diversity audit.

The outcome of the audit should be presented to wider audience where action intervention plans will be addressed. 5. The next step is the definition of company goals for implementation of diversity management programme. This process should be handled by Management, Diversity steering committee and representative of each department. Work and Organizational Psychologist possess the competency to facilitate the process. 6. During the implementation of the diversity management programme the diversity steering committee and the work and organizational psychologist play a crucial role to ensure the following :

Top and middle management leadership development programme on diversity management is organized, Ensure diversity team building event is heard in each business unit, development of new and customized performance management tools to foster diversity management and make it measureable, change of HR recruitment tools for recruitment and retention of diverse workforce 7. The 21st Century Work and Organisational Psychologist KSA. The scene of this world is constantly changing so the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities must be at par with the everyday realities.

National economies are rapidly merging into an integrated global economy. This brings with it a number of new work place issues and demands. Such issues and demands include: increases in cross-cultural encounters in and among organizations; increased numbers of work-teams with cross-cultural and multinational personnel; the need to bridge across language and time differences for global communications and coordinated action; and the complexities of matching organizational strategies and policies to variations in national laws and norms.

The globalization and internationalization of business have, in turn, created changes in the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) needed by, and the services required from Work and Organizational Psychologists. More emphasizes is being placed on diversity management now than 20 years ago, today’s Work and Organizational Psychologist should create congruence between the research scientific model and business partnering models. The Workplace psychologist needs to understand the Organisation or client business before the real value expected can materialize.

The basic understanding of business economics, business finance and accounting plus traditional knowledge of a Work and Organizational Psychologist will be enough to function in our ever changing society. The 21st Century Society expects a Work Place Psychologist to have the under listed knowledge: a)Ethical, Cross Cultural Labour Laws and other professional issues in the practice of W/O psychology b)Research Methodology: Needs Assessment and Analysis. c) Workplace Planning and Recruitment. d)Human Resource Development e)Compensation and Benefits f) Employee and Labour Relations )Risk Management In order to function in today’s business environment a Work and Organization Psychologist should have the under listed skills: a)A rigorous analytical and quantitative skill based on traditional behavioral science principles and applied in a problem-solving framework. b)A business development skill that would reengineer the organization operations in reducing the cost of doing business. c)A refinement of verbal and written communication skills to effectively and ethically guide organizational change while interacting with diverse populations. )An understanding of how to effectively utilize human resource technologies to increase efficiency in human resource decision making. e)Translating Work and Organisational Psychology research findings and the empowerment of user of the research findings. Conclusion Air Nigeria was acquired by the Global Fleet Group in 2009. Mergers and Acquisition are the present order in today? s Economy. The company failed to implement the Change Management programme proposed by the erstwhile HR Director and attention was not paid to salient diversity issues experienced in the company.

Nigeria is a multi cultural and multi religious society, mutual respect for each others views and background was not harnessed for the growth of the company. Work and Organization Psychologist have an added advantage to avert this situation because of the ability to predict work place behavior, prediction that is reliable and valid. The inabilities to effectly manage the people’s issues in merger and acquisition is making Nigeria National Airline to lose billions of naira in revenue.

The society expect Work Psychologist to raise the bar of the profession in present when the seamless organization structure is the order of the day, talent is getting scarce, the employee are getting old and retaining multinational employee is getting more difficult. Refrences: 1. Official E-mail from Human Resource Department to all Human Resources Department staff on 06-01-2012. 2. http://www. personneltoday. com/Articles/28/01/2008/44126/backlash-against-human-resources-business-partner-model-as-managers-question-results. htm 3. http://www. wfmcentre. com/who-we-are/contact-us. html

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