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Tips About Social Services

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This information should be referred to Social Services and every reported case must be assessed as a matter of urgency to determine an appropriate course of action. This assessment will take place, either during telephoned consultations with other professionals or during a formal landing meeting. Make a written record of messages (e. G. Answer-phone) to ensure they are not lost. Include the date and time and sign them Ensure written records (notes, letters, bank statements, medication records etc. Are kept in a safe place Don’t tidy up, wash clothes, bedding or other items.

Do not try to clear or tidy anything up Try not to touch anything unless you have to for the immediate wellbeing of the victim – if you have to try to make a record of what you have done If any sexual offence is suspected try to discourage the victim from washing, drinking, cleaning heir teeth or going to the toilet until the police are present Preserve anything used to warm or comfort the victim e.

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Tips About Social Services
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. A blanket Try to ensure that no one else enters the premises or alleged scene of crime until the police arrive If you can, try and ensure that the alleged perpetrator does not have any contact with the victim Record any physical signs or injuries using a body map (click here) or hand drawing. Write a description of any physical signs or injuries including size, shape, color etc.

Always remember to sign and date your notes and any other records you have made Local Systems – Safeguarding Adults Boards, Safeguarding policies and procedures for vulnerable adults. Safeguarding Adults Boards – these bring together a number of different local agencies that work with vulnerable adults to share information and monitor their work I. E. Coal agencies like the police, MIND, housing teams, advocacy groups The Police – their role is to safeguard vulnerable adults, investigate all reports of vulnerable adult abuse and protect and uphold the rights of vulnerable adults ICQ – to monitor and provide guidance on what all health and social care providers just do to safeguard vulnerable adults from abuse; the safeguarding policies, procedures and systems developed are in place to prevent vulnerable adults from being abused.

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