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Social Stratification

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1. Define social stratification and explain why it is sociologically significant It’s the division of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative property, power, and prestige This ranking of large groups of people into a hierarchy according to their relative privileges for its affects our life chances 2. As articulated by Kingsley Davis and Wilbert More, List the functions that social stratification provides For some society to function, its positions must be filled Some positions are more important than others The more important qualified people to fill these positions, they must offer greater rewards.

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Social Stratification
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Discus Melvin Tumin’s rebult to Davis and Moore’s functionalist view of social stratification. Because their view makes many sociologist uncomfortable, for they see it as coming close to justifying the inequalities in sociologists. 4. Define social class, describe its various components, and discuss the debate between different theorist over those components. Social class is according to Weber, a large group of people who rank close to one another in property, power and prestige According to Marx, one of two groups; Capitalists who own the means of production or workers who sell their labor 5.

Differentiate between wealth, power, and prestige, and discuss how each is distributed in the United States. Wealth is the total value of everything someone owns, minus the debts Power is the ability to carry out your will, even over the resistance of others Prestige is respect or regard 6. Discuss the relationship between occupations and prestige. Occupations and prestige are related because we are moving into a global society and almost all of us have to choose an occupation and go to work 7. Define Status inconsistency and discuss its implications.

Its ranking high on some dimensions of social class and low on other; also call status discrepency The reason it’s implications is because everyday people try to up their status because they don’t want society to judge them 8. Know the Consequences of social class on physical health, mental health, family life, education, religion, politics, and crime. They are that society is running a lot of the poor and some middle classes into the ground. 9. Describe each of the six classes in Gilbert and Kahi’s model of social class In line with Weber, on each lower rung you find less property, less power, and less prestige

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