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Society Have Become Dependent On Technology

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Today’s society is too dependent on technology. With all the advancements to our standard technology such as the internet, cell phones, computers, iPad and all other wireless and electronic devices. Today’s technology has change society with many thinking that can’t exist without these devices. Technology has brought the world to our fingertips. It has change the workplace, and the way we learn. Society’s dependence on technology paired with the rise of technology is a disadvantage to humanity as whole.

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Society Have Become Dependent On Technology
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What was considered a luxury is now considered a necessity. Advancements in communications technologies is a benefit to our society. Dependence can best be seen when there is a power outage over an hour, people go into instant panic mode. Dependence on technology will inevitably lead to advances in technology, creating new social standards, thereby furthering the same dependence on technology. Technology also creates a world that demands things in a rapid manner. It provides a faster means of communication, makes a person more efficient and organized.

Deepak Chopra, MD author and founder of The Chopra Foundation states that technology doubles every year and in 10 years will be a million times more. Let’s look back at history in the early to mid-1900 when children and adults didn’t rely on television and computers but spent time with family and friends in person having face to face communication. Technology has affective how children play. Fewer kids play outside due to video games and other electronic devices. Today I can be in my home playing a video game with a friend in his home in other state through the internet online.

Every day millions of people turn on their cell phones, log on to their social networking sites and spend hours each day texting, messaging, and blogging. Pew Internet reports for cell phones activities this year (2013) shows 91% of American adults own a cell phone. Younger adults are more affluent in the use of cell phones. Texting continues to be the most common cell phone activities, with 81% of cell owner’s text. Texting is popular among younger adult and college educated.

Many persons access the internet through their cell phone, with more that 34% admitting mostly accessing the internet from their phones. Pew’s report also identify half of cell owners send and receive email from their phone. It was also noted that 49% of cell owners used their phones to look up directions, recommendation and other information related to their location and 48% of owners listening to music on their phones. The Apple iPad a newer device falls somewhere between the smart phone and notebook computer.

It allows a person to accomplish their routine task for work, school and home. Technology is the major reasons for the changes in society. Technology has taken over our lives and has provided shortcuts and an easy way out. Many people admit that their smart phone or other electronic device runs their life. The military uses technology to monitor our Nation against national treat . Technology is a vital element of the advancement of education, healthcare, communication and transportation.

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