Sociocultural and Exceptionality Profile of a Student

The Child I chose was a first grader, who is around six years old. The gender of the child would be a female. A female who is about six years old and is in first grade is just beginning to understand how things are done. The socioeconomic status of the child comes from a low income family. The exceptionally of the child would be gifted and her ethnicity would be a minority. Many students in first grade are beginners and some are ahead of their classroom peers. As for the child I chose, she comes from a low income family and is a minority. Many children that come from other Mounties tend to be interested in school.

So this student is very attentive to education. She loves to color, draw, and read picture books. This student is very imaginative and likes to create new ideas. Since she comes from a low income family, she lacks supplies that she needs. She lacks the support of her family in school since they do not speak English very well, although they have high educational aspirations for their daughter. My student decides to come to school every day, waking herself up determined to coming to school. This six year old also loves to play and communicate with her peers. She loves to help and she likes to eat many snacks.

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Since this child is so independent at a young age and very intelligent, the considerations I would take as a teacher is to provide her with materials she lacks. I would Support her in every way I can to help her learn the materials in time. Since my child comes from a low income family I will definitely look into getting the parents involved although they might not speak English well. I would bring in a translator to accommodate the parents to let them know the performance of their child. Now the child can speak her native language and the English language.

This gifted child would change the way of living for her future generation. Sometimes where you come from does not matter when it comes to an educational aspect of life. Many ethnic students that come to America for a better life value education more than ever. Sometimes you Just have to give time and patience to the student that is so interested in learning and helping others. Age is also not predictable for what they can do and cannot do. It all depends how the students brain processes. Sometimes at a young age children develop faster and understand faster with different experiences in their life.

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