socl 2001

Which of the following best describes rational legal authority?
Rule by written laws
What did Joan of Arc, Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ all have in common?
They were all charismatic leaders
Karl lives in a small New England town where he and other residents attend town meetings, at the meetings they publicly vote on issues concerning the town. Town meetings are and example of blank democracy?
Direct democracy.
what is the specific gift the U.S. gave the world that address a person’s rights based on birth and residence?
what is a system of government in which decision making is best done in a small group of people?

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organizations that solicit contributions from many donor and the use the large total to influence legislations is referred to as
Political action committee
according to the functionalist perspective what keeps the government of the United States from turning against the citizens
Pluralism of distributing power
which type of warfare best describes suicide bombings that have been common in the middle east?
what theory is based on the idea that 2 economic systems capitalism and socialism which eventually adopt features of one another until they are hybrid systems in all society?
conversions theory
overlapping leadership in the worlds top multi national companies put there leaders into a small circle called?
Global superclass
sociologically what is a family?
2 or more people related by blood marriage or adoption
it is still customary is the U.S. society for a bride to except her husbands last name. what is the line of authority this represents?
the feeling of sexual attraction in idealization is called?
romantic love
in the united states what is the most highly predictable social challenge in the choice of a partner?
it is influenced by age, education, race, class, and religion
the not so empty nest is a phrase when children what?
when people have moved out as young adults and then returned to live with their parents.
Miram and her children live in a neighborhood where all families share their resources when someone needs help. The neighbors also consider themselves to be an extended family. Sociologist would describe them as
fictive kin
of the following which group is more likely to marry a man less educated than she is?
Asian American families are more likely to adopt the practice of _____________. Which means each member owes respect to the other member of the family
Mark and Sally are married and both are working. They chose not to have children which classification best describes them?
Dinks (dual income no kids)
how did the age of the average first time bride and groom in the United States change since 1890
both are older
what event created the belief that formal education was essential to the well being of society?
The industrialization amongst society
when employers use diplomas or degrees to determine whether or not someone is eligible for the job even though the diploma or degree may be irrelevant to the actual work, what society is this?
credential society
what is the process by which schools pass core values from one generation to the next?
Cultural transmissions of values
determining which people will enter a occupation is a function of education referred to as?
what do conflict theorists believe is the purpose in hidden curriculum?
Promotes social inequalities
the most significant predictor of whether a student will attend college is his/her
family background
higher grades given for the same work or a general raise in students grades without a corresponding increase in work
grade inflation
. next week Abraham and hazel will attend their nephews bar mitzvah this is a
sociologically how would a cult be defined?
A new different religion at odds with the dominant culture or religion.
a state religion is referred as what when the government religion worked together to try to change society?
according to the symbolic interaction perspective why do women in poor nations bear a large number of children?
Large families are rewarded socially and economically
what terms do demographers use to refer to the number of children and average women bears?
Fertility rate
to determine a country’s growth rate what there variables would a demographer use?
Fertility, mortality, and migration
which nation has adopted the one couple, one child policy?
The primary factor that affects the growth rate of most countries today is?
Rate of industrialization in a country
what is the key factor in the development of cities?
The development of more efficient agriculture.
what is infrastructure?
The essential factors on which cities depend such as rapid transportation and communication
a central city that is surrounded by smaller cities and suburbs is referred to as a?
Jim and Millie are one of ten couples who decided to buy and restore an old house in a deteriorated neighborhood. Jim and Millie are part of the movement referred to as?
the model of urban growth that uses a city as a series of somewhat circular zones occurring outward from its center is known as what model?
The concentric zone model
A shift in characteristics in culture and society over time is known as?
social change
the shift from traditional societies and industrial societies
is called
of the following the most important threat for global control by the G8, the group of nations that decides world policy is?
resurgence of ethnic conflict
according to Marx human history shows the struggle of development between the thesis and its antithesis leading to Synthesis.
Marx called it?
dialectical process
tools as simple as a pool and as complicated as a space shuttle requires skills to use them. These skills are referred to as
although all the faculty members of Acadia University have new state of the art computers, some of them refuse to use them.
cultural lag
the information revolution is based on the?
in the northeast Unites States some lakes that were once considered good fishing spots no longer have fish in them the reason why fish cannot survive in these lakes is because of?
acid rain
the rain forest are home to which percentage of all plants and animal species?
according to the concept of environmental injustice what two groups are affected the most by pollution?
the poor and minorities
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