Solubility Curve of Sodium Nitrate Essay

Solubility Curve of Sodium Nitrate Data collection |Temperature (°C) |  |Mass of solute in 5ml (g) |Mass of solute in 100ml (g) | |1st set of data |2nd set of data |Average |  |  | |23. 5 |24. 0 |23. 8 |4. 5 |90. 0 | |31. 0 |29. 0 |30. |5. 0 |100. 0 | |42. 0 |40. 0 |41. 0 |5. 5 |110. 0 | |44. 0 |55. 0 |49. 5 |6. 0 |120. 0 | |69. 0 |71. 0 |70. 0 |6. 5 |130. 0 |

Data processing (On the sheet attached) Conclusion According to the solubility curve we plotted, solubility is proportional to temperature because the temperature of the solvent at which all of the solute was able to dissolve increased with the mass of the solute. This can be explained by the fact that increased temperature means a grater average velocity of the particles, which helps them to change their state more easily, in this case from solid to liquid.

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Solubility Curve of Sodium Nitrate
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Evaluation There are several things we could have done better in our experiment to obtain more accurate results.

One of the potential errors was the part of our experiment during which we looked for the first signs of crystallization because we often missed the first signs due to the crystals being too small for us to notice with a naked eye.

We could improve thin by using a plain background for the test tube rack and a magnifying glass for observation. Another way to improve the accuracy of our data would be to record the values while using a wider range of masses of the solute and repeating the experiment for each of the masses more that two times.

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