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Solve the Naxalites Problem

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NOW WITH the latest train attack, we the people failed to understand our government policies and strategy, which is unsuccessful in tackling the Naxalism despite so many innocent civilians are being killed without their any fault. Like earlier attacks, this time too political parties in West Bengal tried to corner each other with municipal polls across West Bengal on Sunday (May 30, 2010). Worst is that country Home Minister P Chidambaram is escaping with theory of just sabotage. How many times citizens hear same and old statement from Chidambaram that government is working on the proper solution.

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Solve the Naxalites Problem
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Shame! Does not government think the value of human life? Did not our country loss good amount of revenue in these attacks? Can’t we spend same revenue in tackling the Naxalites problem? Is Indian government the helpless creature of planet earth? In my opinion, not only Central government, but also state government has never taken Naxals issue seriously. It is now high time government should stop just lip service and now no talks only action is needed.

It should be taken as an internal threat to the country. Our democracy depends on ballot while Naxalism depends on bullet.

All political parties should show their solidarity in fighting against the Naxalism just like the way, when we fight against external forces instead of blaming each other. Maoists have proved that they can attack civilians on their will basis. I strongly feel that if government is serious in tackling the problem, first it should declare emergency in Naxals affected states and put pressure on state governments to arrest all Maoists in one month or face the president’s rule if they are not capable of handling Naxals. Seal all neighbouring borders along the states, so that no one tries to escape from the country.

Government should use forces both anticipatory and offensive measures against the brutal, nonsensical terror. This political silence is quite disturbing and makes us think where our country is heading for? We can’t solve the problem merely making statements and entirely doing nothing. With the time passing, if this continues, the both Central and states government will lose peoples’ mandate. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGGGG A good question. can congress tackle naxal terrorism ? How can congress tackle naxal terrorism ? what are the political parties in power doing now ?

Before my answer, i wish to state some details. we find no leader now. The leader is a person who has the power to control all. The leader is the person who know the pulse of the people. But what is going on now ? one side vote catching. one side voters bribed. Another side our politicians not sparing the games and earning not in lakhs in crores and crores. we see now the ministers are doing all works. They run schools, colleges, and made the educational institutions as a commercial complex. They are allowing the routine business people to do their work and these people occupying their works by taking all works in benami names. hat work the powerful politicians left.? Real estate ? yes, they forcifully occupy and threten the ordinary people. A former minister, now MP doing this forcefully occupying lands to start his factory though huge village people opposing it. is it the naxal problem a worry to the politicians in power ? how to earn more money, what are the ways to win in the next elections, how to invest the black money in cine field ? whom to blame and whom to left ? now my answer to your question. Naxal problem is not new to our land. it is a continuous head-ache. if the central government thinks properly, they can eradicate them easily some 20 years ago.

But, they does not care these problems and they thought this is the state govt subject. Even to find out the rajasekara reddy and his helicopter, our talented military, police took more than 3 days saying flimsy reasons. how can they find naxals ? The emotions are running high within the politicians of India. But it is a fact that they are the ones who put the people in such a situation. Naxalism is a menace as you say, but this new generation has few unanswered questions. 1) How did the naxals who were in some thousands in the 90’s have grown so big?? Such a big force cannot be amassed without voluntary involvement of the younger generation.

The people are driven towards naxalism just because of the social injustice prevailing in the system. 2) Are the naxals fighting alone? Many civil rights activists say that naxals have a wide support of the tribal people. The goverment has never reacted to this. So Operation Green Hunt is against our own people. 3) Operation Green Hunt is for what?? Why our jawans have to die to make the lands secure for the MNCs for exploiting our country’s resources. In the name of Industrialisation the government is going to sell trillions worth resources for just 7% royalty. 4) This is a democratic nation and why the govt is keeping the MoUs in secret.

The politicians just want to escape from the situation that is created due to their policies. Even on Military scale why did the CRPF company didn’t folow the Jungle warfare guidance. Where are the minesweeping vehicles and sniffer dogs to find IEDs? These questions will never be answered. Our Jawans are dying for ensuring the safety of someone. The congress government is a government of coaliation partners ruling the country, and the congress government is tackling the partners to remain unite and still they are planning to tackle the menace of the GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

GGGGGGG Had the Naxal attacks would have happened on the Rajdhani Express or some other prominent train service in any major capital like Delhi or Bangalore; the government would have taken the issue to heights and would have come out with sure cure for the catastrophe situation. Well-known and celebrated politicians would have called up for major team meetings and gone for shot measures by hook or by crook. But this time, the Naxal attacks happened on the Howrah-Kurla Gyaneshwari Express, an incident which took the whole nation by its feet but politicians are still sleeping in their deep slumber.

That is because those getting killed are poor people who do not have power to rise and protest. And while poor are dying the politicians are busy playing blame games against each other forgetting their key duty as lawmakers and ministers – to protect life of countries citizens from external and internal dangers. Why is it that we permit politicians like these to rule us? A murder get one a death sentence in a court of law or at least life sentence. A factory owner gets jail if a worker dies while being on work because the safety precautions were not provided.

But how come the ministers under whose watch safety of countries citizens are compromised and bureaucrats, who are too busy greasing their palms, do not have criminal liability? While they move around with special security around them for their own personal safety, the life of common men on the street seems to have lost it value. When is it going to stop? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been kept under the edge of the knife, as the opposing party BJP has blamed the minister to clarify the issues on whether the attack is just a problem linked with law and order or is it a great challenge to the nation?

The silence of the Prime Minister is killing everyone! The clear division of opinion among ministers and Congress party on how to manage the Naxal problem seems to be affecting the governance. It is time the PM takes a call on how the Indian Government is going to tackle the insurgency in India – by peace or gun; either way decides before more lives are lost. The problem is increasing day by day, and nothing has been done in its respect, barring the exaggeration that media is getting in terms of its huge TRPs.

BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad said that a problem of this kind needs serious consideration as firm response is what is needed for the same. The issue of “law and order” must be closed for once and all. It’s high time that one should stop giving excuses on this big national issue and understand the individual responsibilities decked with everyone. The incident attired killing of 100 passengers, involving the injury of more than 250 innocent people who fell victims to the brutal Maoists attacks! The railways for the time being have decided not to take any chances and run trains in the areas prone to the Maoist attacks.

As usual, like any railway accident, Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee rushed to the site, was seen all sad over the issue, but things would soon become normal for her. She would mourn over the issue, say a few things to media and rush to her cozy bed! Same is the case with other politicians. No one seems to be really taking over the issue seriously. Maoists attack has become a highly debated topic of the current times. It seems that it will only remain a topic meant for debates only, with people munching over it with a nice cup of tea. That’s it!

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