Solving Environmental Problems Should Be the Responsibilities of One International Organization Essay

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Solving environmental problems should be the responsibilities of one international organization instead of state or national governments. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Protecting the Earth from being further harmed is everybody’s business. In our globalized world of inter-connected nations, solving environmental problems should be the responsibilities of governance at both national and international levels.

In view of this, one international organization, as the leading global environmental authority, is critical for promoting cooperation among governments and delivering sound science to manage environmental threats, particularly those that cross political borders as air pollution and biodiversity loss.

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Solving Environmental Problems Should Be the Responsibilities of One International Organization
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Governing our planet’s natural resources is an increasingly complex challenge facing many governments.

To meet that challenge, the role of that international organization (namely, United Nations Environment Program) is guiding governments across the world to cooperate and focus on environmental priorities. UNEP is supposed to support efforts to develop, implement and enforce new international environmental laws and standards.

It should be understood that UNEP is joining forces of the international community to solve environmental affairs rather than shouldering the burdens of the governments’ obligations.

This means that UNEP should mainly help governments achieve environmental goals, targets and objectives. After all, the whole idea of one international organization is about promoting the integration of environmental sustainability into national development policies in pursuit of economic progress. Nevertheless, environmental protection and economic progress are usually in the course of conflict. Because there is a gap between those national development policies and those international environmental agreements, up-to-date science is necessary to bridge this gap.

In this light, UNEP should be responsible for keeping the global environment under review. Such responsibilities range from identifying threats at an early stage to developing environmental policies, and to helping governments successfully implement these policies. Therefore, under the governance of one international organization, governments may be influenced by important scientific findings that are useful to policy forums.

So, it may be said that, to solve global environmental problems like the climate change, UNEP’s scientific assistance should be considered by many governments as a key step in the right direction. To sum up, solutions to environmental problems require global cooperation and sound science. It is clear that one international organization should be instrumental to finding solutions, but its overall work could only be effective with nations of the world abiding by treaties and protocols signed in the spirit UNEP. Otherwise, everybody’s business may become nobody’s business.

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