South Korean Driving vs. The American Style of Driving

South Korean Driving vs - South Korean Driving vs. The American Style of Driving introduction. The American Style of Driving

            Through the years, driving cars has become beneficial in the lives of many. Instead of walking, people would prefer riding carriages that evolved into cars. For the most part, driving has been considered dangerous in the lives of people. Eventually, car insurances have become a pivotal part in this fast and changing world. In the United States, it was necessary to have the cars insured, for the coverage would be of great help to the individual affected. In so doing, most car insurances in the United States cover the damages incurred by the victim, including the damage inflicted on others and property damages. Acquiring such policies would entail car owners to pay an annual fee, depending on their chosen insurance. People who do not insure their cars receive penalties, suspension or revocation of license, or worse, may even be imprisoned. Unfortunately, the same procedure is not followed in South Korea. As a third world country, South Korea also experiences economical difficulties. In so doing, car insurances are not considered as a basic need, but just a luxury. Others consider such as a security from their end that is why they avail of such insurance. Sometimes, insurances become the primary reason why other people lose their money. Scams and other gimmicks are sometimes used in trying to earn more money, while disregarding the condition that others may have. Regardless of how small or grave the damage may be on individuals, the amount of money they would receive was all based on the kind of insurance policy they may have. For this part, it may be concluded that the United States is geared towards securing the lives of its citizens regardless of how small the damage may be.

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South Korean Driving vs. The American Style of Driving
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            Law enforcement in both countries is also something to be considered. Policemen have been dispersed to make sure that the rules are being followed by drivers. However, the number of policemen is not sufficient as compared to the number of cameras dispersed. In addition to this, the policemen and other authorities could not control the traffic caused by the population in Korea. Sometimes, the citizens have no choice but to make the initiative in the improvement of society. Unfortunately, there were times when the law makers are the ones who break the rules. In order to earn more money, they would ask poor citizens to “pay instead of being penalized”. A lose and lose situation that would be considered detrimental in society. What can we do? The difficulties in life would have some people abuse power that was given to them. On the other hand, the United States has a big number of policemen and traffic patrol stationed all throughout the country. They act as an immediate response to what is being captured by the strategically positioned cameras. This act may be regarded as a big technological move for the Americans. However, the lack of problems incurred by these policemen sometimes results to abuse in power. There were some policemen who would abuse their power and intimidate the citizens unfairly. Law enforcement definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, and with much effort, may be improved for the betterment of everyone.

            As for rules in driving, a big difference may also be seen. In Korea, they practice free driving in the roads. Drivers have the opportunity of changing lanes whenever possible. In addition to this, tailgating is also encouraged in the country. Prioritizing crossing pedestrians is also discouraged in the country while the use of sidewalks while making a U-turn was also encouraged for drivers. What is most ironic is the fact that driving fast is encouraged in the country, rather than prioritizing the safety of the people. In addition to this, South Korea also lacks the responsibility in maintaining the safety of its people. Road signs are not visible, especially in the dangerous parts of the road. Drivers would not be warned whenever a slippery road is up ahead, or construction is on process. Instead of helping alleviate the dangers in the road, the absence of such would lead to more problems. Furthermore, wearing of seatbelts is not required by the government, and may consider dangerous especially for travelers. Most of these ideologies have been refuted with the road regulations in the United States. As mentioned earlier, the United States has always been geared towards the safety of its people. In so doing, driving has its limits. Wearing the seatbelt is the topmost rule when riding vehicles in the United States. Sometimes, non-compliance of such rule would lead to the dissolution of the insurance policies of drivers. Furthermore, lanes are also assigned to vehicles. They have a “car pool lane”, which caters mostly to vehicles that have 2 or more passengers. In addition to this, driving fast is not practiced in the United States. Freeway allows the speed limit to reach 100 km/ph at the most, which also varies on the location of the vehicle. When near schools, drivers are expected to have a speed of 20 km/ph and must make sure to follow all road signs. As compared to South Korea, the United States is strict in terms of following rules and regulations. Crossing pedestrians must be given the priority, no matter if the American driver is in a hurry or not. Driving while under the influence of alcohol may result to the suspension of a driver’s license, or worse, in its revocation. As much as possible, tailgating is also discouraged in the freeway, especially in side streets. Patrols have bee strategically positioned in blind spots, not covered by the camera monitors so that the proper driving techniques may be practiced by the Americans. In this manner, the safety of the residents, especially that of the children, may be secured. However, accidents unavoidable and may still occur.

            The rules and regulations stipulated for drivers may also contribute to their attitude towards driving. In South Korea, the drivers are considered to be aggressive and have no conscience while inside the car driving. They can do whatever they want and may be considered as the king of the roads. However, this may not be considered as the normal ideology attributed for driving. Being given driving privileges has its advantages and should be regarded with much responsibility. The driving characteristics of the South Koreans may be in contrast to how the Americans regard driving. In the United States, each driver is opened to the realities of driving at an early age. For the most part, they are opened to numerous possibilities and must be given enough attention. Drivers act with cause and with much responsibility as compared to the Koreans. As much as possible, Americas do their best in adhering to the stipulations set for them by the government. Non-Americans could not help but marvel at how Americans would strictly follow the rules and regulations given to them. In so doing, care for the people out in the streets may also be observed. Whenever American drivers are near school areas, they do not honk their horns nor speed up. Instead, much concern and care may be exhibited by the drivers. Moreover, the use of seatbelts in the United States is considered to be the topmost way of proving one’s adherence to rules and regulations. From that alone, we can see the determination of the Americans to follow the rules and regulations stipulated on them. In so doing, the drivers also have this special touch towards crossing pedestrians. Whenever someone tries to cross the street, American drivers stop and allow the pedestrians to cross. This may also be considered as  positive attitude towards driving, for this would mean that there are still some people who know the great responsibility that comes with the privilege of driving.


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