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Spanish Exploration

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Spain wanted a lot of things. It wanted to expand its knowledge of the world that they had never seen. They also wanted to have a larger empire, find spices and other riches, and expand Christianity.

The fundamental aspect of the voyages that were undergone by Spain was to acquire gold and silver to pay for their wars with the Turkish Empire. Beginning with Columbus in 1492 and continuing for nearly 350 years, Spain conquered and settled most of South America, the Caribbean, and the American Southwest.

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Spanish Exploration
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After an initial wave of conquistadors, aided by military advantages and infectious diseases that decimated the native population, defeated the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas, Spain organized a huge imperial system to exploit the land, labour and mineral wealth of the New World. This was good for Spain as they were able to gain huge sums of money quickly through gold and silver which took the civilizations they were decimating thousands of years to collect.

However all of Spain’s new found riches did not help to solve their underlying national problem of bankruptcy.It caused inflation, and Spain was left practically bankrupt from which it took hundreds of years to recover from which was extremely bad for Spain. Spanish exploration was positive in the short term but in the long term was very damaging and was not the financial solution Spain thought it was. Spain’s ‘looting’ of the Americas at the start of their exploration of the new world, beginning with Columbus, was slow.

Possession of their main goal, to obtain as much gold and silver as possible, was not fast enough.Ferdinand quickly became desperate for more: “Get gold, humanely if you can; but at all hazards, get gold! ” he wrote to the New World colonists on July 25, 1511 as Columbus’s first voyage had cost 2 million maravedis, and the proceeds were worth only a few thousand. This was damaging to the Spanish economy and therefore bad for Spain as Ferdinand was spending vast amounts of money on voyages to the new world, hoping to receive immediate returns on his investment, however this was not the case. Spanish monarchy was embarking on an ambitious and expensive foreign policy, sustainable only ith the expectation that it would be financed by gold from the New World.

Ferdinand was receiving very little money compared to the millions he was investing so Spain’s economy suffered. However, for Spain to receive the vast amounts of gold and silver they were hoping for, it was only naive of them to believe they would immediately reap the rewards. Columbus’s first few voyages provided the building blocks for explorers a few years later such as Balboa, Cortez and Pizarro to excel and achieve the huge financial goals Spain were hoping for.

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