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Spanish – Philippine – American War

Causes of the Spanish – American War


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Three main causes can be attributed to the Spanish-American War, Cuban independence, American imperialism, and The Sinking of the battleship Maine.

Cuban Independence – the war was mainly caused by Cuba’s struggle for independence. Cubans were already fighting for independence before the war. Following the trend among Spanish colonies in South America, Americans wanted the Spanish flag out of Cuban soil. The US felt it had to help Cuba gain independence from the Spanish oppressors who were tormenting the Cubans.

American Imperialism – another cause of the war was the US’ growing imperialism. Manifest destiny, a belief that American expansion is unavoidable, along with sensational Spanish abuse news from the press, helped make a lot of people believe that America needs to go to war if indeed, it wants to be a super power.

Sinking of Maine – In January 1898, Havana was in chaos, in order to protect US citizens in Cuba, the United States deployed one of its battle ship, the USS Maine. Less than a month later, the ship was destroyed by an explosion. Although it was not proven that the Spaniards caused the ship’s demise, a lot of Americans believed so.

Causes of the Philippine – American War. The Filipinos were under the Spaniards for more than three centuries, they fought hard to gain independence, when the Americans came to help, the Filipinos were already on the verge of victory. So when the Americans refused to give sovereignty to the people, the people of course, revolted. The Filipinos also found out that the islands were sold to the Americans for 20 million dollars. Officially, the war broke out when a Filipino soldier was shot by a U.S sentry.


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