Speaking and Listening: Othello Essay

Hi, I’m the great Iago - Speaking and Listening: Othello Essay introduction. Right now I’m talking to you from the grave and I’m going to tell you what has happened to me over the past 6 months or so.

I had been one of Othello’s closest friends for longer than I can even remember. He was the one who came up with my nickname, ‘Honest Iago’. He was almost like a brother to me, other than the fact that he was black. He taught me so much in the battlefield, including his tactics. But that all went down the pot when he promoted that arithmetician, Michael Cassio, instead of the man that treated him like a brother, ME!

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I had stood by him the whole time, even when people resented him just because he didn’t look like we did. But now I wish that Moor should rot in hell.

Anyways let’s stick to the story. I had recently married that HOE Emilia. At first we were in love and I respected her. But after getting to live with her I hated her. She was just another woman to me and she never was any more. Then she got hired as Desdemona’s maid, but really she was no more than a glorified BUTLER!

So after Michael Cassio was chosen to be the next Lieutenant of the Venetian army, I was outraged. So I decided to make a plan that would ruin him and most possibly the one man I admired most, Othello. So I slyly used that idiot Roderigo as a pawn in my ‘big game of chess’. I also made it look like it was Roderigo doing this the whole time. And guess what I had to do to persuade that fool to help me. I said, afterwards the voluptuous Desdemona will fall into your arms. And guess what, that fool ate it all up like a fat kid sitting in front of a huge cake. I swear that man is not even fit to be a court jester let alone a man in Othello’s army.

One of the greatest things I managed to achieve was to make Othello hide whilst I was talking to Cassio about Bianca, but I made it look like we were talking about Othello’s Desdemona. Another great thing that I managed to achieve was getting Cassio in possession of the handkerchief that Othello gave to his dearest as a symbol of their love. And the absolute ultimate thing that I managed to do was to get that arithmetician, Cassio drunk and get him into a fight. But then I had to sacrifice my ‘pawn’, Roderigo. Ah well, he wasn’t worth more than the dust on which he fell after I stabbed him.

The greatest thing about this whole thing, was, that nobody ever suspected “Honest” Iago. They never thought I would have the guts to do something like that, they trusted me a little TOO much. It’s still funny though, how the ignorant fools failed to see what was right in front of their eyes the hole time.

To be honest I didn’t intend for so many people to die in my plan. But who cares, in the end I got what I wanted, even if my closest friend, his wife, my wife and a man who’d helped me the whole way died.

Here comes the gruesome part. After they had found out what I had done they vowed to torture beyond belief. I wasn’t scared one iota, and I took my punishment like a true man, because firstly that’s what I am and secondly, deep down I knew that what I did was wrong even though I got my way in the end. So the torturing proceeded like so. First they put me on a rack and stretched me out, they then quartered me, and whilst I was still alive the drained my guts and hung them in front of my face, and then finally they ended it by beheading me.

So I suppose that’s the end of my story…

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