Special Report on Global Warming entitled Feeling the Heat


Date and Time spend on the Media: March 28, 2007, 27 minutes and 45 seconds.

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It was about: The special report was a compilation of different articles on issues about the causes of global warming and its damaging effects on the weather, environment, wildlife, land topography and, most of all, on the human populace. The primary reason why global warming occurs is caused by the greenhouse effect which is a result of gases emission from industrial plants, man-made wildfires, and pollutants from car exhausts. These gases, mostly comprised of large quantities of Carbon Dioxide, trap the heat coming from the sun and prevent it from going back into space. This heat continuously warms the Earth and causes an imbalance in the ecological and atmospheric systems. This leads to a disturbance in weather patterns which lead to erratic weather such as widespread flooding in tropical areas and extensive droughts in dry places. Biological wildlife also experience effects that destroy their habitat and pose a danger to them of extinction.

What I found most interesting: The global warming is mostly caused by humans. One of the interesting parts is that humans are really not concerned about its effects because some of us weren’t able to experience the deadly effects of global warming first hand. People think that global warming is only a natural phenomenon, that is why we don’t concern ourselves with this issue too much. We still continue to go on with our business everyday; not minding ever that one of global warming’s effects could harm us directly eventually.

When I spoke to an adult/friend about it: I was told not to worry too much, and that the issue of global warming is just a fad and will go away eventually. As I have observed, this kind of explanation is the most common answer an individual, ignorant of the specific facts of global warming, would instantly give.

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