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Speech Topic: Isaiah (cousin) General Purpose: A tribute to Isaiah Specific Purpose: To convince the audience about how great of a person Isaiah is. Thesis: Isaiah has shown me that no matter how bad a situation gets, I always have hope, and can rejoice in God’s plan. Arrangement: Categorical Introduction “People tell me I’m kind of a big deal”. This phrase is something that my cousin, Isaiah, always says.

He is Joking when he says it, but I completely agree with him.

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Speech Outline
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Isaiah has been my very best friend for as long as I can remember. We are inseparable, and always have great time together. You know the saying for two people that spend a lot time together, that goes something like, “they bring the best out of each other”. Well for Isaiah and I we usually bring out the weird and crazy in each other. This is probably why we get along so well. Isaiah is also a great person to go to in times of hard ship.

L want to illustrate how Isaiah has done this by telling you about three different situations that Isaiah has gotten me through. ) Body I. My dad remarries a. Introduced to Isaiah for the first time I. First words “Glad you’re dad remarried” b. Showed me that God has a plan I’. Everything is going to be great (Isaiah continued to show me God’s love when I made the decision to follow Christ. ) II. Hope in Christ, give life to God c. Next steps after decision iii. Encouragement immediately ‘v.

Start reading John d. I had lots of questions v. He answered every question I had v’. WSDL seek out answers as well (Isaiah was always there for me, and he continued to be there for me during the toughest year of my life. ) Ill. College freshman year e. Always available, no matter the time vii. Late night call f. Taught me what to say to people who questioned my faith al my questions about what to say ‘x. Set up events to work through difficult times (Isaiah was with me through my whole life… Viii. Answered summary Isaiah never left my side from that day I met him at my dad’s wedding up until today. He has been the number one reason I am the man that I am today. Isaiah helped my faith grow in leaps and bounds, he answered all the questions Vive ever had, and he has been my best friend. Clinch Isaiah has shown me, in so many different ways that no matter how a bad a situation gets there is always something to smile about, and thank God for. That, that is why he is a “big deal”.

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