Speed Cameras Now a Secret: Welsh Arrive Alive Taking Hold Across the UK Essay

- Speed Cameras Now a Secret: Welsh Arrive Alive Taking Hold Across the UK Essay introduction.

Speed Cameras Now a Secret:


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Speed Cameras Now a Secret: Welsh Arrive Alive Taking Hold Across the UK
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Welsh Arrive Alive Taking Hold Across the UK


New Legislation being proposed in the UK will withhold the locations of speed cameras all across the region, not only in North Wales, where camera location secrecy is now solidly in place.  Many view this as “commonsense”, as the act of publicly notifying drivers of where these cameras operate only prove effective in curbing the hazard of speeding in such areas.  The Arrive Alive partnership in North Wales took the lead on this yesterday by scrapping all publicity of their activities and instead locating the cameras in places where the police believe speeding to be a problem.  Previously there has had to be a certain quota to be met in order for speed cameras to be used, this quota had to be decided by a number of deaths or serious injuries in any given area.  The previous practice was cited as being reactive rather than proactive and the proposed legislation in areas other than North Wales is supported by many, especially Essi Ahari, the manager of Arrive Alive.  He is very serious in stating that these cameras can and will be at any place at any time without notice.

Other supporters, of course, believe that any measure that could potentially reduce casualties is beneficial.  The charity RoadPeace, as well, is on board with the new legislation.  There was no mention of those in opposition to this legislation, though it may be anticipated.  There may be some individuals coming forward in the progression of this legislation, who believe that “hidden cameras” are a violation of civil rights and this type of practice a precursor to other types of government intervention and control.  Though only positive sentiments have been uttered in the course of this new practice, it will be an interesting piece of legislation to follow in terms of road security versus public privacy.


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