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Spending My Vacation with Family

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There are different ways how to spend your vacation. Many young people prefer to spend their vacation with friends. They are tired to see their parents every day. The idea is that parents rest without children and children do the same thing without their parents. However, there are families that like spending their vacation together. It may be a sort of tradition that lasts since the time when the children were small. Some families lose this tradition when their children grow up but some families retain it.

My family did not lose this tradition and we spend each summer vacation together. This summer we made a trip to Paris, France.

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Spending My Vacation with Family
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Paris is famous worldwide for its beauty and history. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Therefore, we all were excited about going to this ancient city. I have never been to France although my parents have been there once. It was during their honeymoon. I think this trip was much anticipated by my parents.

When we arrived, they seemed to be so happy. We stayed in the same hotel on Montmartre where they stayed during their honeymoon. We planned to spend in Paris six unforgettable days.

The first day we went to walk around the old city. My parents were pleased to recognize the same places and to notice that they did not change. They showed me many historical monuments. We bought a tourist guide in English and read much about history. I enjoyed much watching the bohemian Paris – all those artists and paintings. We bought some souvenirs for our relatives. Then we went to dine in the café. I thought that French people would treat us badly because we speak English. However, this proved to be not true. The French seemed to be friendly and the service was good. There was one American man, though, who quarreled with the French in that café. He said the French are stupid but they seemed to understand English very well. They started fighting and the police was called. We left the café with indignation. And we were not angry with the French.

The second day we made a museum day. We went to the world-renowned museum Louvre. To tell you the truth, I am not crazy about Art and painting. However, I was eager to see the famous Jaconda or Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, the Venus de Milo and some other famous pieces of art. Still, I was surprised when I saw how many pieces of art there were in this museum. In fact, I had never seen so many antique things before. We spent almost the whole day in Louvre and still we did not see even a half of it. We promised each other to return here some other day. And we did so on the last day in Paris. The day ended with a good dinner in the expensive restaurant. We drank some very good wine and now I understand why the French are so proud of their wine.

The six days flied like one. We hated to leave but we had to. We had visited everything we could: we were in the French Opera, we visited Versailles and we walked on Champs Elysees. My family and I liked this trip very much. My parents remembered their honeymoon and I fell in love with Art. But the most important thing about this trip is that it helped our family to feel one. The conclusion we make is that vacations together help families to unite and to be closer. Those who spend their vacations separately may feel they love their parents. But only when they spend their vacation together they do love them. Spending your vacation together helps the family to explore each other. Some people think that they can spend a family vacation some other time and this “other time” never comes.

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