Spoken Language Essay

Explore the ways your own spoken language is adapted in different situations and how the attitudes of other people influenced these adaptions

Over the years as time passes by our language progresses and develops - Spoken Language Essay introduction. People all around the world will have their own form of how they speak different dialects, languages or accents. Today I’m going to be exploring and evaluating the factors that affect the way my own spoken language can adapt in different situations and how the attitudes of other people influence these adaptions. In everyday life I adapt our spoken language to meet the expectations of other people. I familiarize my speech to suit friends, older family members and younger brothers, sisters or cousins. The way I speak may vary depending on the age of my listener, his or her authority, or how formal the conversation is. For example I find myself adapting my language when I talk to older or younger people. My spoken language changes in different situations for instance when I am with my friends my sociolect appears and this type of conversations is more casual with us talking in a relaxed atmosphere and us using slang.

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My idiolect is also influenced by this because I often pick up certain words from my friends and I interact and communicate with this words until it becomes a part of my every day vocabulary. My dialect is also greatly influenced.For example where I live we have a certain way of pronouncing our words and substituting words.For example in order to say something was ‘bad’ you would say that was ‘peak’.In a sentence you would be more understood if you were too say:”Oh my god I feel so sorry for you that’s so peak how you stood there for ages in the rain’and people from your area and age will automatically understand what it means as its part of our dialect however if you were to go up north the word ‘peak’ would not be understood

However when it comes to conversing with adults older than me or have more authority I myself have an aversion to using slang or my dialect. I think it is more polite and respectful to speak with a formal attitude. As they deserve more respect but also being in more different generation to us their vocabulary is more pronounced and didn’t use slang the way we do in today’s society so they might find it confusing and maybe even rude.

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