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Sportsmanship vs. Gamesmanship Essay

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  • Pages 2
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    Culture where cheating and lying are viable options doesn’t just emerge overnight. It is developed over time. One of the reasons when cheating comes up is when there is discourage communication. When people does not communicate with the executives, their managers and their colleagues, the problems and issues appear.

    Collaborative cheating occurs when organizational cultures and the leaders that establish that culture create a climate of fear, where employees’ job security is threatened and collective bottom line mentality, where employees’ self-interests become aligned, motivating them to follow strategies that would secure their short-term self-interests and to use any means necessary to accomplish market superiority. (Castille,2016)

    Another reason which I found very interesting is that cheating behavior is more likely to occur in organizations where employees are pressured to perform at a high level, especially when they are punishments for not reaching those levels. Lack of supervisor also contributed to cheating environments. (Moran,2017).

    Gamesmanship is the use of dubious or aggresive tactics, such as disruption of concentration or psychological intimidation, to gain an advantage over one’s opponent while still observing the rules in a game or sport. ‘The winning-at-all costs mentality’ and practice of winning games by questionable expedients without actually violating the rules. Some examples of gamesmanship include: taking a great deal of time between points in a tennis match, hard fouls in basketball, trash talking and calling time out to “freeze” a player. Gamesmanship is an art and contrast with sportsmanship.

    Sportsmanship embraces the values of fair play.

    Sportsmanship often occurs when an athlete plays fair, respect the judgement of the officials, follows the rules of the game and treats the opponents with respect. Sportsmanship embraces the values of fair play.

    “Butt ending” is the practice in ice hockey of taking the handle end of the hockey stick and driving it into another’s player’s body. Butt ending is unexpected and establishes unsportsmanlike conduct. It can result in a major penalty and subsequent disqualification from the game. Butt ending is utilized as a sort of gamesmanship to hurt the opponent. Definitely butt ending is an act of gamesmanship.

    Outline of Company Gambling Policy

    “Our company intends to help provide a gambling-free work environment for our employees and our clients. The company is committed to promoting a productive and healthy work environment for all our employees It is explicitly prohibited any gambling during work time, including use of company phone, e-mail, internet, etc. to gamble. Gambling can interfere with employee productivity and morale. If an employee is gambling on company time is completely discharged from employment”.

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