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Spree Cruise Line

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Determining the course of action with damage to port, prop, and passenger moral. There are three key issues that Spree Cruise Lines are being faced with. One, they were accused of damage to the port that they went out of on (DATE). The problem here is that the engine and prop may have not been properly fixed or maintained from the last voyage. The second issue is the actual damage to the 2nd prop and what that will do to the cruise ship itself and the itinerary that it has.

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The third issue deals with the occupants/passengers and their experience with the cruise line. Verbiage has already been spread of the issues on board and the management has to take the right course of action to both ensure the safety of the passengers and their feelings about the cruise line. Analytical Methods For the first issue, we have to take detailed look at the maintenance records of the ship after its last voyage.

We have to see if there was any issue documented on the 2nd propeller and if any steps were taken to resolve the issue. That will give the management of the cruise line the ability to respond to the “TOWN” on whether or not their cruise line was the specific cause of the damage. The cruise line should also request information from their “TOWN” last inspection to see what other possible cruise lines or ships could have caused the damage.

For the second issue with the prop, it does make sense to shut down the prop and let all of the customers know the reason why they are doing it. The first and foremost responsibility of the cruise line is to ensure the safety of its passengers. Shutting down the prop will more than likely give the cruise line some bad publicity for not making it to all of the destinations, however a properly stated press release about their decision should ease that negativity and show how the cruise line is more worried about safety than anything else.

The third issue with regards to the customer satisfaction should be a little easier to handle. When signing up for the cruise line, passengers were well aware of the possible provisions or alterations to the itinerary depending on either whether or ship malfunctions. They were informed of possible compensation for missed destinations and protocol to disperse potential refunds.

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