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Sprite Zero Essay

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Sprite Zero is a clear, lemon-lime-flavored low-calorie beverage produced by the Coca-Cola Company. This drink originally began production as “Sugar Free Sprite” in 1974, and is sold in more than 60 countries. In April 2002 the Coca-Cola marketing team in Greece (N. Lezos Mrkt Director, Z. Himonidu Group Mrkt Manager, S. Pnevmatikou Strategic insight Manager, M. Stefanidou Brand Manager Sprite) in an strategic move to gain share in the growing light segment saw an opportunity to reposition Diet Sprite by not focusing only in the the pure functional benefits (i.

. no sugar, no carbs, no calories, etc. ), with a name that appealed more broadly than “diet” or “light”. Sprite Zero was born. Since its introduction in Greece, Sprite Zero has entered more than 20 markets, including South Africa, and grew in the double digits. Consumers that are conscientious about their personal well-being and confident about expressing their individuality are the brand’s main targets.

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In 2004 diet sprite was renamed diet sprite zero in the United States of America and to sprite zero in the United Kingdom.

“Sprite Zero” was re-branded as “Sprite Z” for a brief period in the UK with a new advert. but again it was renamed back to sprite zero. in the USA diet was dropped from the name. In Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Europe, Australia, South Africa andNew Zealand it was re-branded as that name as well. After the launch of Sprite Zero Coca Cola company launched Fanta Zero and Coca Cola Zero.

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