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Letter to My Best Friend

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Callie, you were always there for me. Always the first person I called when I needed something or someone to talk to. Number 1 in my speed dial. You were my best friend. My sister. My moms second daughter. You were just as much to my family as I am. You were always welcome in my house. Always apart of everything I did. We were inseperable. You logan and I were butt buddies lol. There was a point where I think you stayed at my house for a week and a half straight! Sad thing was…your dad made you come home.

We never got sick of eachother like most bestfriends would.

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Letter to My Best Friend
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We were obsessed with juice boxes and popsicles. Haha ill never forget the day we went tubbing in 45 degree water. May 16th was the day actually. We lived off of eachother. If my mom was making dinner and you were over…she’d never ask if you were staying because she knew better then to ask because it was always a yes… I think by the 10th time she asedk you if were staying she would just start to make extra and assume you were staying.

Like I said…you became a part of my family.

We always said we wanted to get the hell out of here. But now, I don’t want to leave. Im scared. I went up to MSU and visited some friends. There was a douglass J there (the cos school im going to) I went in and looked around and it was everything ive ever dreamed of. I sat there and just took It all in and for something that I have been so excited for… for years, I was suddenly so scared of leaving. I am not ready to leave.

School wise I am but with the who thing the happened with you and i.. im not. I need to fix this. I know I cant but when I saw that yearbook… it hit me. I never really regretted what had happened. I always said that I live with no regrets. But that yearbook changed something for me. I regret everything negitive I ever said to you. I regret punching you. I regret every single fight we ever had. I cant explain what I was thinking because I don’t know what the hell.

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