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Russia Source Coursework

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’s Russia Source Coursework Essay, Research Paper

Depth Study B: Soviet union 1905 – 1941

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Russia Source Coursework
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Assignment B: Objective 3

Iosif vissarionovich dzhugashvili: Man or Monster? 1 ) Study Sources A, B and C.

Make these beginnings give similar or different feelings of Stalin?

Explain your reply. ( 6 ) These beginnings give different feelings of Stalin, nevertheless there are some similarities.

Beginning A is a sketch published in Paris in the 1930´s. It shows Stalin and the consequences of his policies harmonizing to the creative person. The sketch characteristics Stalin demoing three pyramids of skulls as if he was a tour usher.

The caption under reads, “ Visitez L´URSS ses pyramides! ” This translates to, “ Visit the pyramids of the USSR! ”

This beginning is really celebrated and was drawn by an exiled Russian, therefore the creative person could be acrimonious and biased against Stalin and his policies.

Beginning B is an official Soviet picture of Stalin with workers at a hydroelectric power station in the 1930´s. It is seeking to demo the consequences of industrialisation.

It shows Stalin speaking to the workers, they seem really proud to be run intoing Stalin. Because it is an official Soviet painting it is really likely to be biased and a beginning of propaganda as it would be Stalin or the authorities who commissioned it.

Beginning C is a exposure of Stalin complimenting married womans of ground forces officers. The adult females are making for Stalin in a overzealous mode ; they seem despairing to touch him. The beginning is a exposure, which gives the feeling that it is a dependable beginning. However this International Relations and Security Network´T true, Stalin could hold had the exposure doctored or had people pose and claimed it was demoing something it wasn´T.

The beginnings give really different feelings of Stalin.

Beginning A shows Stalin to be a monster responsible for the decease of 1000000s of people.

Stalin´s policies were responsible for the decease of 1000000s of people. Collectivization caused the decease of 1000s of Kulaks and left many homeless and starvation. One million people were executed during the purgings, two million people died in cantonments, one million people died in prison and eight million people died as a consequence of the work ethic Stalin began.

Beginning B shows Stalin to be a great adult male who made Russian industry prosper.

Stalin´s industrialisation did do Russia a really successful industrial state. By the late 1930´s many Soviet workers had improved their conditions by deriving well-paid skilled occupations and gaining fillips for run intoing marks. There was an about non-existent unemployment rate. Stalin besides encouraged adult female to work by puting up child care services ; four out of five new workers recruited between 1932 and 1937 were adult females. Stalin besides made instruction compulsory and free for all.

However the beginning does non demo the negative side of Stalin´s industrialisation. Life was really difficult, factory conditions were really unsafe. Any sort of subject jobs such as lateness or absence would be punished with bagging, which could besides intend the loss of places.

Beginning C shows Stalin to be a caring adult male who was complimenting the married womans of his ground forces officers. It shows him to be admired, even idolized by his people and put in a hero like place. This is a good representation of some Russian people´s position of Stalin. Many people saw him as the hero of Russia and a really great adult male. However many opposed Stalin and his policies, but in voicing their position they could be punished with decease. Stalin had one million people executed during the purgings. Many of the people executed had opposed Stalin but were accused of offenses such as descrying and plotting to slay. Many others were sent to labor cantonments.

However, beginnings B and C are similar in some ways. They both show Stalin to be a great adult male who cared about his people and was prepared to speak to them. They besides show Stalin to be greatly admired by his people and idea of as the hero of Russia.

In decision, the beginnings are really different in the feeling they give of Stalin. However both beginning B and beginning C portion some similarities. Although the beginnings seem really different they show how people saw Stalin. Some people idolized him, while others thought he was fiend like dictator.

2 ) Study Source D.

Does this beginning provide any utile grounds about Stalin? Explain your reply. ( 7 ) Source D was written by Stalin in 1945. This means the beginning will give good representation of how Stalin portrayed himself within the U.S.S.R at this clip.

It will besides be biased, as Stalin would be seeking to better his public image after the steps he had taken during his reign. The grounds suggests that Stalin wasn´T at all how he portrays himself in the beginning.

In the beginning Stalin is depicting a clip he spent in Siberia in expatriate. He is utilizing the illustration to seek do him look good and the old leaders look like autocrats. The beginning is depicting an event that took topographic point in Siberia during the spring inundations, the river had swollen and some of the work forces had gone the pull out lumber that had been washed off by the river. When they returned one of the work forces was losing. Stalin describes the adult male as “ Comrade ” which is a Communist word for brother screening that he thought of this adult male as equal, an effort at demoing he was a true Communist non a dictator. Stalin showed concern for the adult male inquiring where he was, the merely replied that he “ remained at the river ” . Stalin, once more seeking to better his public image goes on to state that the work forces didn´Ts have any involvement in the adult male stating he asked them what they meant by that. They replied by stating, “ He drowned of class ” . The work forces hurried off stating they had to H2O the female horse. He goes on, “ When I told them off for holding more concern for animate beings than men. ” He is seeking to warrant his actions by demoing that in this instance he had a really good ground for taking action against the work forces. The work forces so go on to state “ why should we be concerned about work forces? We can ever do another man. ”

Stalin uses this narrative to state that the deficiency of concern these work forces had was like that of the leaders, “ It seems to me that the deficiency of concern our leaders show towards the people is the same attitude I met in far-off Siberia. ”

The mode in which the Stalin tells the narrative is similar to a parable, the narrative has a moral significance behind it.

The beginning shows some interesting things about Stalin, it shows that Stalin had the agencies to air these sorts of narratives about his yesteryear. It besides shows that he had the power to do people believe these things.

3 ) Study Sources E and F.

Which of these two beginnings is the more dependable? Explain your reply. ( 8 ) Beginning Tocopherol is from a address by a author to the Congress of Soviets in 1935 and was published in Pravda, the paper of the Communist Party. From this we know that the beginning is traveling to be really censored as everything that was published in Pravda was to a great extent censored, it is besides written by a Communist for a Communist paper so it will be nil but positive things about the party.

Beginning F is a address made by Bukharin in Paris in 1936. Bukharin was a protagonist of Stalin against Trotsky. This was because Trotsky wanted universe broad Communism whereas Stalin and Bukharin wanted one state Communism. He fell into shame in 1929 and was executed in the Purges in 1938. This information shows that the beginning will be biased as Bukharin disliked everything about Stalin and would be seeking to demo everyone how immorality he was.

Beginning E is a address that is highly complimentary of Stalin. It is thanking Stalin for everything, claiming him to be the greatest adult male that of all time lived. The beginning contains many repeats, which is an effectual manner of seting across a point. It contains many praising words about Stalin and statements which are monomaniacal and a really overdone manner to depict anyone.

“ Coevalss to come will see us as the happiest of people because we lived in the same century as Stalin, ”

The beginning is a good illustration of how some people idolized Stalin and his character became, in some instances, an illustration of the Cult of the Individual.

“ And when the adult female I love nowadayss me with a kid the first word it shall express will be: Stalin. ” This is a really overzealous statement, as most people would desire their kid´s foremost word to be “ Mummy ” or “ daddy ” , this shows that the adult male has wholly disregarded himself for Stalin. Every word in this beginning is exaggerated.

However beginning F has a contrasting position of Stalin. The beginning is a address made by Bukharin in 1936. Bukharin disliked Stalin because he had used him to go the leader so turned on him when he´vitamin D got rid of him. He started off by opposing Stalin so after Stalin had turned against Kamenev and Zinoviev Stalin allied himself with Bukharin. They were united in the thought of Socialism in One State, whereas Trotsky wanted world-wide communism to guarantee the security of The USSR. Once Stalin had got rid of Trotsky, Stalin turned on Bukharin utilizing the same statements Trotsky had used earlier. Bukharin was expelled from the Communist Party in 1929, go forthing him acrimonious because of how he´vitamin D been used. Bukharin was executed during the Purges in 1938. He was accused of descrying for Japan and Germany and besides plotting with Trotsky. He was killed along with other Bolsheviks, Kamenev and Zinoviev who “ confessed ” to being treasonists of the province. Bukharin was friends with Lenin and was responsible for the NEP, he knew what Lenin truly thought degree Fahrenheits Stalin which scared Stalin. He tried really difficult to guarantee cipher cognize how Lenin idea of him. The beginning suggests that Bukharin knew Stalin would finally hold him killed somehow.

The remarks made in the beginning are derogative towards Stalin. The beginning is an effort at uncloaking Stalin´s true evilness. It is uncovering Stalin´s insecurity about his ability as leader.

“ Stalin is unhappy at non being able to convert everyone, himself included, that he is greater than everyone else. ” This suggests that Stalin was improbably insecure about anyone being better than he is. This is proven in his actions during the Purges. Here he got rid of anyone who was a menace.

The beginning is about a prognostication of his ain destiny.

“ If person speaks better than he does, that adult male is for it! Stalin will non allow him populate, ” Bukharin knew that he was a good politician and was an opposition for Stalin. Bukharin speaks openly against Stalin cognizing this could be unsafe, “ He is a shockable, malicious adult male – no non a adult male, but a devil. ”

In decision both the beginnings are undependable because they are both really opinionated. However beginning F is somewhat more dependable because it wasn´T published under the influence of the authorities.

4 ) Survey Sources I and J.

How far do these beginnings agree about Stalin´s show tests?

Explain your reply. ( 7 ) Beginning I is an American sketch about Stalin´s show tests. Americans by and large oppose Communism. Source J is besides a sketch but was published in France in the late 1930´s.

The purgings began in 1934 when the leader of the Leningrad, Kirov, was murdered. Stalin used the slaying as a ground to “ purging ” the oppositions in the party. It is believed that Stalin had arranged Kirov´s mu

rder to utilize it as an alibi. Many prima figures were purged by squealing to being treasonists and were executed. The purgings were aimed at Party members to get down with, 500,000 were arrested and executed or sent to labor cantonments. After the trails the purgings were extended. By 1937 appraisals show that 18 million people from all backgrounds, had been sent to labor cantonments.

Beginning I shows the courtroom at Stalin´s show trails. It shows Stalin as the justice and the suspect´s appear to be Yagoda, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Bukharin. These people were all executed during the purgings of the 1930´s. Yagoda was in the NKVD and was accused of descrying for Japan and Germany and plotting to slay Lenin. Zinoviev and Kamenev helped with Stalin´s rise to power but besides were used by Stalin to make this. Zinoviev was accused of plotting with Trotsky against Stalin and Kamenev was accused of the slaying of Kirov and plotting to slay Stalin. Bukharin was responsible, along with Lenin for the NEP and besides allied with Stalin over One Country Communism during his leading run when Trotsky wanted Worldwide Communism. Stalin so turned on Bukharin and expelled him from the Communist party.

In the background of the beginning there is gallows already prepared which shows the test was pointless as the result had already been decided.

The accused are all squealing really openly and in a sarcastic mode.

“ Yes, I´m guilty! ”

“ Sure, I tried to bewray my state! ”

“ Of class I´m a treasonist! ”

“ There´s no uncertainty about my guilt! ”

These statements are that of the accused in the beginning, they are about jesting about their guilt. This is used to demo the absurdness of the confessions ; even if the work forces were guilty they wouldn´t confess so openly or would at least attempt to support themselves. The beginning is seeking to demo that the work forces were some how forced into squealing.

Source J is a sketch published in France in the late 1930´s. It demo´s the courtroom at a show test. In the courtroom Stalin is everyone, the justice, the barrister, the tribunal clerk and the whole jury is Stalin. The beginning is seeking to demo that the show tests were a travesty, Stalin had entire control over what was traveling to go on. There was no point in a test they were traveling to be executed no affair what the tribunal may state.

The two beginnings are similar in many ways, they both agree the show trails were a fake, they were wholly controlled by Stalin and the result was predetermined, beginning I shows this with the gallows in the background and beginning J shows this with everyone in he courtroom being Stalin. They both mock the show trails.

5 ) Survey Sources L and M.

Compare what these beginnings say about Stalin. ( 6 ) Beginning L is from a life of Stalin published in 1983 in Britain. Source M is from a life of Stalin published in 1974 in Britain.

This means the beginnings are improbable to be a merchandise of propaganda but still may be biased as a beginnings dependability depends on the individual who wrote it.

Beginning L is fundamentally stating that Stalin was a really good politician but had an evil side to his nature.

“ It is my belief that Stalin was a really skilled, so talented politician, ”

The beginning is contradictory to the beliefs of many other historiographers who have the belief that Stalin was non a good politician and merely ruled the USSR through panic and bullying. Bing able to command people doesn´t needfully make him a good politician.

The beginning does indicate out Stalin´s dark side. “ He had a dark and evil side to his nature. ”

Source M describes how Stalin was effected by power and he wouldn´Ts have been how he was if it wasn´T for power.

“ Absolute power turned a ruthless politician into a monstrous tyrant. ”

The beginning efforts to warrant Stalin´s actions by stating that the usage of panic was necessary. “ The panic was necessary, non merely to maintain work forces obedient, but even more to do them believe in him. ”

The beginning appears to be supporting Stalin but it goes on to state that Stalin shouldn´Ts have been in power, if he hadn´Ts used panic everyone would hold seen how bad Stalin was at taking.

“ Without panic, who would hold failed to detect the clear absurdness of Stalin´s regulation? ”

The beginnings differ in the sentiments of Stalin, beginning L shows Stalin to be a good politician despite his evil side, whereas beginning M shows Stalin to be a bad politician who merely kept power due to his usage of panic.

However they do both hold that Stalin had a dark side and did evil things during his reign.

6 ) Using the beginnings in this paper and your cognition of Stalin explain whether or non you think Stalin was a monster. ( 10 ) Stalin was born in Georgia in 1879 his given name was Josef Djugashvili, he changed it to Stalin which means adult male of steel. His male parent was an alcoholic cobbler who abandoned his household when he was immature. He made his name in violent bank foraies to raise party financess and was exiled to Siberia twice by the Tsarist secret constabulary, get awaying each clip. Stalin became a prima Communist figure after playing an of import function in the defending of he Bolshevik metropolis of Tsaritsyn during the civil war. Stalin was known to keep scores and do his enemies suffer.

Stalin was ruthless in his political calling ; he stopped at nil to acquire where he was. During his political conflict with Trotsky he used every available maneuver to win. He lied to Trotsky about the day of the month of Lenin´s funeral, this made Trotsky look bad and better his ain image. This move was necessary as the populace and the members of the Communist Party idolized Lenin and Lenin disliked Stalin.

“ Comrade Stalin, holding become Secretary General, has unlimited authorization in his custodies and I am non certain whether he will ever be capable of utilizing that authorization with sufficient caution. ” Lenin´s Testament.

Stalin changed his constabularies to co-occur with those of the people he was utilizing to derive popularity at the clip. He used Kamenev and Zinoviev to cut off Bukharin and Trotsky as they jointly held the of import stations in the Party. He so turned against them and allied with Bukharin. Then finally turned against him, one time he was the leader.

Stalin so set about modernizing the USSR, puting out the Five-Year Plans. Although these did purpose to better the manner the USSR ran and better life conditions Stalin would besides derive from the USSR being strong. Enforced collectivization did what it set out to make but besides caused a acrimonious difference between the Kulaks and the authorities. By 1934 there were no Kulaks left and there was a dearth from 1932-1933.

Stalin´s industrialization did derive more for the populace. Unemployment became about nonexistent, many people had good paid skilled occupations and got fillips for run intoing marks, wellness attention was readily available and instruction was free and compulsory for everyone.

However life at this clip was really rough, any error in the mill was badly punished.

Stalin ruled the USSR through fright and propaganda, in 1934 he began what became known as the purgings. He had any opposition of him killed or sent to labor cantonments. He had 1 million people executed, 2 million people died in cantonments, 1 million died in prison and 8 million people died as a consequence of the work moral principle.

The grounds shows that Stalin was a really paranoid adult male who was cognizant that his place as leader could be threatened at any clip.

“ Stalin was a really distrustful adult male, really suspicious. ” Source H

Stalin believed that utilizing panic was the lone manner of maintaining power. He claimed he was supporting Communism.

“ Stalin was convinced that the usage of panic and executings was necessary for the defense mechanism of Socialism and Communism. ” Source G a address by Khrushchev in 1956.

Stalin became admired by the populace in many instances he was admired to the point that it developed into the Cult of the Individual. Most of the people thought that Stalin did no wrong.

“ The work forces of all ages will name thy name, which is strong, beautiful, wise and marvelous. ” Source E.

The usage of censorship and propaganda may nevertheless cover up any negative things about Stalin.

“ Stalin is the superb leader and instructor of the Party, ” Source K from a life of Stalin published in Russia in 1947.

In decision, the grounds suggests that Stalin was a monster. He had 1000000s of people killed and was responsible for the deceases of many more. He killed them merely to maintain his power and regulation by panic. However Stalin did better the life conditions of many people in the USSR which could propose he wasn´t a entire monster.

7 ) Use the beginnings and your cognition of Stalin and Soviet history to explicate why there has been a dissension about Stalin. ( 8 ) Stalin is a figure in history that creates conflicting sentiments.

Some historiographers think he was a really bad politician whereas some think he was a brilliant politician. Some think he was a monster while some think he wasn´T.

The beginnings are good illustrations of this. Some describe Stalin as the greatest adult male that of all time lived and some describe him as a autocrat.

Soviet history shows that Stalin´s constabularies changed the USSR beyond all acknowledgment, this was a positive thing as before Stalin came to power the USSR was really rearward. However Stalin is believed, by some to be a really hapless politician who used panic and fright to cover up his deficiency of ability.

“ Stalin is unhappy at non being able to convert everyone, himself included, that he is greater than everyone else. If person speaks better than he does, that adult male if for it! ” Source F.

“ Everywhere he saw “ enemies ” “ dual traders ” and spies. ” Source H a address by Khrushchev.

Stalin was really paranoid about his ability as leader, he got rid of any resistance during the “ purges ” where he carried out executings of his oppositions.

Stalin was really popular at the clip, although he now appears like a monster the Soviet public thought really extremely of him.

“ Everybody is familiar with the lucidity of head, his Fe will, his devotedness to the party, his ardent religion in the people and love for the people. ” Source K.

The dissension about Stalin is whether or non he was a good politician and whether he was a monster.

It is hard to cognize the whole truth about Stalin, the usage of censorship and propaganda in the USSR at the clip he was in power means the dependability of the beginnings that came out of the USSR at the clip is questionable. Beginnings that came out of topographic points such as France are besides questionable as they are by and large written by exiled Russians who will be acrimonious and bring forth colored histories.

In decision the beginnings suggest that the dissension about Stalin is because of the differing histories of Stalin´s clip in power, some portray him as a monster where some show him as the hero of the USSR. Stalin was a really complex character. He did many evil things but besides did many really good things for the USSR. He was a good politician and changed the USSR, but was besides really paranoid and felt the demand to kill anyone who posed a menace to him.

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