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Stalin’s Domestic Policy

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During Stalin’s regime he implemented many new domestic policies. One of these policies included his First Five Year Plan. In 1933 he delivered a speech to the central Communist Party about the outcomes of this plan. The origin of the source is Joeseph stalin, who addressed the results of his this Five Year Plan after it had been in place for the five years. The country of origin of this source was the U. S. S. R. , which was under Communsit rule at the time.

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Stalin’s Domestic Policy
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Stalin’s purpose in presenting the speech was to reassure his nation that his new economic policy had in fact been successful. He wanted it to be clear that the Soviet Union had prevailed under his rule and had become a stronger and sturdier empire, now able to compete with other nations. The value of this source is tremendous. Because it was Stalin’s own words, it is a primary source, gicing us a direct insight into the minds of the leadership in the Soviet Union in the 1930’s.

It gives us a firsthand account about what the ruler belived about the success of his country. This source is not a schlor analyzing Stalin’s policies, it is Stalin himself and this is what makes the value of this source so high. It becomes a solid piece of evidence when analyzing Stalin’s domestic policies as well as how the soviets used propaganda to control their people. However there are limitation to this source. The most obvious is the audience in which stalin was speaking to, the Central Communist Party, who was already obient to him.

They were definitely not objective and would have agreed with anything Stalin presented, making this source bias. Another limitation would be that because the speech was given in the Soviet Union it was not spoken in English. This would mean that it would have had to have been translated. And although translations are necessary they are not always one hunred percent accurante and some key phrases and underlying meaning may be lost in the language barrier.

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