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Statistical Process Control Essay

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Statistical Process Control Video games are fun, famous and take up lots of time, but is there a process for playing videogames and can this process be both monitored and controlled to help the videogame’s players? In other words, can statistical methods be applied to some form of monitoring and applied to controlling a process to ensure that the process is enabling one to play a video game to their fullest potential? The goals of statistical process control involved with playing a video game will be to play the game and complete it with as few tries as possible, to complete the game quickly and of course to score highest possible points.

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Statistical Process Control
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This paper will be based on the game, Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a first and third-person video game franchise which is primarily set during the World War 2 error. In a first-person shooter game the game play is centered on a projectile weapon, and the player only sees the game from a first-person perspective.

The most recent of the Call of Duty series is set during modern times and some of the battles take place on American soil. For example in the picture below taken from Google. com images, the player has to infiltrate the White House which has been overrun by Russian soldiers. draw:frame} Normally statistical control processes are used in businesses for the sake of both project and quality control, but for the sake of the agreement made to complete a paper about Call of Duty, this paper will define the processes of playing this video game and how they are monitored in order to achieve a goal. When using the statistical control process there must be an understanding of the processes, the causes of variations and eliminate whatever is causing the variations.

Once there is a complete understanding of the process, both an upper control and a lower control limit can be established to monitor the quality of the process. ” A process is any part of an organization that takes inputs and transforms them into outputs that, it is hoped, are of greater value to the organization than the original inputs” (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 2006). The processes involved with playing a videogame are the player using the video game controller (which is the input) to control the actions of the video game character on the screen (which is the output).

The input sent by the player from pressing the buttons and joysticks on the controller are received by the game console and then they are transformed into the actions of the videogame character on the screen. Depending on the input player command on the controller in contrast to what is happening in the video game, the player will either advance to the next stage of the video game, repeat the stage again, or the player’s game will be over. For the sake of this paper information has been gathered over the past few weeks.

The information that was gathered comes from the process of playing the video game with the intension of clearing the entire sequence faster and with a higher score. Before we look into the data it must be understood that was not necessarily any seasonal factors that would cause any outliers from the information that was gathered. The process for gathering information from playing Call of Duty took place over the past few (3) weeks between Monday through Friday for 2 hours every day; so that is a total of actually 15 days and a total of 30 hours.

During the 30 hours that the game was played it was completeda total on 6 times. Below is a chart showing the information gathered while playing Call of Duty, and to make the calculations easier all of the results have been rounded to whole numbers. The descriptive statistics for this information was computed in excel and yielded the following results: The count 6 tells us the number of time the entire process was completed; the mean 5 tells us the average number of hours taken to complete the process, which in the case means the average time it took to beat Call of Duty.

The sample variance 3. 2 tells us the amount of variation between each the 6 time measures gathered; minimum of 3, maximum of 8 and range of 5 tells the distance in difference (in hours) between the two times. Finally the upper and lower confidence intervals help us to determine what the upper and lower control limits are; this information lets us monitor how well the process is going. The control limits can also be displayed in a control chart so that the stability of the process can be visually analyzed.

In layman’s terms, the control limits will make us 95% confident that the time (or the process) it is taking to complete the game. By knowing the how well the player is progressing in the game (or how well any process is going) steps can be taken in order to in keep the process on track. For example, if some of the time stamps fall either close to or outside of the control limits (in the case the lower control limit, because the faster the game is completed the better), the steps that are being executed during the process can be more losely analyzed in order to make necessary changes in the process to keep the process on track. Based on the information that was gathered while playing Call of Duty, the conclusion can be drawn that every time the process was initiated the player became faster and scored higher point. Other than just repeating the actions of the process, another thing that improved the process was researching the video game on-line and utilizing the game’s walk through manual. The on-line manual is similar to a flow chart that guides the player through every step until the end of each level is re beached.

The manual is detailed to the point in which it advises you what arsenal would be best utilized on each stage. Knowing what’s going to happen before it happens and knowing how to deal with it when it happens makes it easier to advance through any process. Such as what took place with the process in completing the 3rd-person videogame Call of Duty. References Chase, R. B. , Jacobs, F. R. , & Aquilano, N. J. (2006) Operations management for competitive advantage (11th ed). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin. 😉

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