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Business Statistics Assignment II Assignment Code: 2012 GM03 B2 Last Date of Submission: 15th November 2012 Maximum Marks: 100 Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. SECTION – A 1. a) Explain the need for different forecasting techniques. How can we evaluate as to how good is our forecast. b)Collect data on the amount of expenditure you do each day for the next 25 days and based on the same forecast using 7day moving average the forecast for the 26th day.

Evaluate the accuracy of your forecast. ) Explain one application where you can apply Queuing Theory in daily life. 2. Customers from the Higher Income Group were sampled to test the quality of foods at one of the four major restaurant run by the Taj Group of Hotels. The four types of foods for which the quality were to be checked were Chicken Platter, Honey Chicken, Chicken Spinach, and Tandoori Chicken. Each of the respondent were asked to rate in a scale of 1- 10.

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The following were the data. Chicken PlatterHoney ChickenChicken SpinachTandoori Chicken 6876 7866 8967 5866 9758 8977 7876

Is there sufficient evidence to indicate that the quality of food being served is different. Use 5% level of significance. 3. Maxwell’s Hot Chocolate is concerned about the effect of the recent year long coffee advertising campaign on hot chocolate sales. The average weekly hot chocolate sales two years ago was 984. 7 pounds and the standard deviation was 72. 6 pounds. Maxwell’s has randomly selected 30 weeks from the past year and found average sales of 912. 1 pounds. 1. State appropriate hypotheses for testing weather hot chocolate sales have decreased. . At the 2 percent significance level, test the hypotheses. 4. A manufacturer was making sport shirts for men. The manufacturer was mainly catering to the needs of Baseball, Basketball, and Football players. Their salesman had given a feedback to the company that the games for which the firm wanted to cater was equally applicable for both men and women and hence recommended that the firm should start making sport shirts for women as well. The firm collected data which are as follows: GenderBaseballBasketballFootball Men191524 Women161816

Does the data suggest whether the requirement is gender specific at 5% level of significance SECTION-B The debt-to-capital ratio of a company signifies the amount of financial risk a company is taking. If the ratio is high, the risk is high. This is because when the profit margin falls, debt will worsen the situation by making the return on capital fall even more adversely. The data on debt-to-capital ratio and return on capital for 12 different health care companies were collected and given in table below. Assume that this is a random sample of health care companies.

Carry out a Regression analysis on the data for return on capital against debt-to-capital ratio and then answer the following questions. 1. What is the regression equation. (3) 2. Construct the ANOVA table and check the significance level of the regression model. 3. Calculate the coefficient of correlation and test its significance at 5% level of significance. CompanyDebt/Capital ( %)Return on Capital ( %) Abbott Laboratories1131 Allergan2425 Cardinal Health3014 Johnson & Johnson1125 Eli Lilly3140 Merck1533 Pfizer723 SmithKline Beecham1022 Bristol-Myers Squibb1245 Stryker5514 United Health1017 Universal Health38. 69. 8

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