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Sterilization: Child Abuse and Birth Control Regimen

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There are children born everyday who are not wanted. Worse than that, there are children everyday who are abused by their parents, family members, and family friends. This abuse will not end until someone puts a stop to it. Children’s Services can only do so much. There is nothing stopping a parent from just having another child once one has been taken away. The only way to stop the abuse and the horrendous things happening to children is to steralize thes individuals who hurt them.

Without Court Ordered sterilization, there is nothing to prevent drug addicts, physical abusers, and sexual abusers from having children.

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Sterilization: Child Abuse and Birth Control Regimen
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This sad and vicious circle needs to end. The only way to end it is with allowing sterilization by Court Order. There are many different crimes that one can commit against a child. For example, physical, mental and sexual abuse. An individual can physically harm a child and leave marks and bruises, which would fall under the category of physical abuse.

Mental abuse is a lot harder to define, there has to be several physicians who deem a child has been mentally abused. Sexual abuse would be any individual inappropriately touching a child.

One can birth a child who is born with a substance addiction, this would also be considered a crime against a child. Leaving a child in the care of an unfit individual or simply not supervising a child is also unsuitable behavior. An indicated perpetrator is someone who has had allegations made against them, and those allegations have been founded, meaning found to be true. A perpetrator by commission is someone who carries out an action that is deemed abuse. A perpetrator by omission is someone who knows about the abuse, but does nothing to stop it.

One example of a perpetrator by omission would be a mother letting a convicted sex offender be unsupervised with her child, and during that time, the child be sexually abused by the indicated perpetrator. Because this mother knew that the individual had a history of sexual abuse and allowed her child to be unsupervised with that individual, she would be indicated as a perpetrator by omission. When an individual is indicated as a perpetrator, he or she is not to have any unsupervised contact with any child. However, this is something that is very hard to enforce.

This is hard to enforce because that indicated perpetrator won’t always disclosed their indicated status to everyone they meet. This means that if you have a child and you were to meet someone, started dating that individual, and at one point left them home alone with your child while you ran to the grocery store and you were unaware that that person was an indicated perpetrator, that perp would have unsupervised contact with a child. Those indicated perpetrators often try to find single parents, just to get closer to those children. A court order is an official proclamation by a judge that defines the legal relationships between the parties to a hearing, a trial, an appeal or other court proceedings. Such ruling requires or authorizes the carrying out of certain steps by one or more parties to a case. ” This means that if an order is issued by a judge, it must be carried out. The consequence for that order being ignored would be a contempt charge that could land the noncomplying individual in jail. Sterilization is achieved when a person is rendered incapable of having children.

The most common form of sterilization in women is when the filopean tube is cut. “The corresponding operation, vasectomy, in the male, in wich both vasa deferentes are cut. ” I feel that sterilization should be performed by Court Order to those repeat offenders of crimes against children. For those who have been indicated as a perpetrator, for the first time, I feel should be Court Ordered to be on some kind of birth control regimen. For women, that would be an IUD, or the Depo Shot.

Specifically speaking about women who abuse drugs and alcohol during pregnancy, I feel that those individuals should be sterilized after their first addicted baby is born. Why would you want to give that woman the chance to put another baby through the sickness and pain of withdrawal? The complications of withdrawal are not the only problems that an addicted baby will have. That baby could suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome or have another disability. Why take the risk of another child not having a life where they can run and play outside?

That is a risk that I feel is too great to just let these individuals run around all willy nilly and reproducing. With men, the grounds for sterilization could be more complicated, but not impossible to impose. If a man were to abuse a child in any way, or have an indicated status I feel that that man should be sterilized. With sterilization for a man, the sexual need to abuse a child would diminish. The act of sterilizing a man would also make it impossible for him to reproduce with a woman and lessen the risk that a child would be abused.

Without judges being able to enforce sterilization with Court Orders, children will continue being abused. These abusers will continue to have children and they will continue to abuse those children. If you abuse a dog and charges are pressed for that, you will then be forbidden to own another pet. If you ignore that and decide to get a dog, you can be prosecuted. Why do we hold animals in higher regard than children? The only way to reduce and stop abusers from repeating the abuse is to sterilize them. Those people must be stopped from procreating and birthing more children.

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