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Still Superstitious

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Superstition has its foundation in someones reality. Reality has changed. But yes there are some supersitions I believe in. Like for instance, if my laundry goes flying off the clothes line then I tell Puck to quit playing tricks and Ill get him a ginger snap when Im done with my work. And yes, if the laundry stays where it is, I do put out a Ginger snap for him.

I got really ticked off when the Electric company decided they needed to mow the side of my driveway for me.

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Still Superstitious
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The cut down, Wild Blackberry (protection), Honeysuckle (prosperity), and clover (lucky) All of that was growing at the only entrance and exit into our 11 achers of woods. When that went so too did a lot of our prosperity and luck. The protection held simply because the Blackberries grow all around the house and they didn’t manage to mow them all down.

But, I don’t buy into things like broken mirrors being bad lucky.

Mirrors are now easy to replace. They didn’t use to be hense the superstition. I do buy into not opening an umberlla inside but, thats just good common sense. So too is not walking under a ladder. Most of those things come because someone did it and something bad happened. Like breaking your favorite lamp with the Umbrella or having the painter drop paint or worse the paint can on you as your walking under his ladder. Some superstition has its place. Some have become outdated.

But, lets face it just because we are more modern doesn’t mean we aren’t still superstitious. We just aren’t as obvious about it. For those that will deny that statement let me just remind you that knocking on wood is a superstition. You might not believe in superstition but you just cant quite stop yourself can you? So to is saying bless you after you sneeze. After all we can’t have a persons soul leaving their body so it can become demon possessed after a sneeze can we.

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