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Stock and Consensus Analyst Rating

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EQUITY ESSENTIALS On which function is it possible to export company earnings for a list of different securities into your own Microsoft outlook.. 1) EVTS GO What option on FA Go gives you the abiliuty to view each of the financial statements as a percentage of a specific line item 2) Common size sub-tab under financial statement tab Which classification system is available within eqs go 3) All of the above Which function will alow the user to chart the consensus analyst rating against the stock price 1) ANR GO

On what screen is it possible to generate a printable report detailing background information and basic financial data for a specific company\ 4) DES GO Which of the following functions allows you to view historic end of day pricing for a security ? 5) I and IV On what page can I create a custom template to display a specific line items and ratios for a fundamental focused analyst.

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Stock and Consensus Analyst Rating
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. 3)FA GO Is it possible to access company specific sell side research on the Bloomberg 1) TRUE How does one pull up top news headlines only related to equities? ) N(go) and click on stocks While EQS allows oyu to screen for companies with revenue streams based on product segmentation… 2) PPC GO Which of the function on Bloomberg displays all 4 of the following 1) shares outstanding 2) 1 yr total return 3) company address 4) company description 3) DES GO On which of the following functions are you able to set up alerts to notify 4) All of the above Which functions of the following give you the flexibility to compare a list of companies side by side.

Using a customizable list of ratios … 5) II and III only Which of the following functions give you direct access to company fillings for full transparency to the financial statements? 3)i AND iii Bloombergs consensus rating system offers an convenient way for users to get a quick understanding of sell side analyst expectionats of a companys future stock movement 1) VERY BULLISh Within the equity screening functionality it is possible to create and use custom formulas as part of as creening search 1) TRUE

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