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Stockss 2 Essay, Research Paper

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Stocks 2 Research Paper Stocks are Essay
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Stockss are portions in a company - Stocks 2 Research Paper Stocks are Essay introduction. When you

invest in a company & # 8217 ; s stock or purchase its portions,

you own portion of a company as demonstrated

when Lemo sold half of its ownership or

stocks to Tom. If the company makes money,

your stock will increase in value. But, merely as

in short-run investing and bonds, there are

pros and cons to stock investings.


Stockss have a long historical path record

of surpassing other investings, such as bank sedimentations, money-market financess,

Cadmiums, bonds, existent estate, and trade goods. See the chart below for a comparing

from 1945 to 1994.

A shareholder or stockholder has voting rights that bondholders and bank

depositors do non hold.


Stock monetary values frequently go up and down. They are ne’er guaranteed.

A stockholder may lose portion or all of his money.

Comparison of Annual Rates of Return on Selected Investings

( % )

1945 & # 8211 ; 1994

1984 & # 8211 ; 1994

1989 & # 8211 ; 1994





S & A ; P 500




U.S. Treasury Bills




U.S. Govt Bond




Corporate Chemical bond




Residential Housing












Beginning: Ibbotson Associates Annual Yearbook, Ibbotson Associates, 1995.

Stockss: The Highest Performer Over Time

In the long tally, stocks have beaten alternate investings such as bank histories,

bonds, existent estate, and

trade goods. A Chicago consulting house, Ibbotson

Associates, has compiled informations to demo that stocks are the manner to travel. As shown in

the chart below, stocks, represented by the Standard & A ; Poor peoples 500, doubled the

compound one-year return of T-bonds issued in 1926.

Stock Ownership

If you buy a portion or portions of stock in

a public company, you become a portion

proprietor of that company. As a

stockholder of one portion of Microsoft,

you enjoy the same basic privileges and

rights as Bill Gates who owns 1000000s

of portions.

As a stockholder, you have the

privilege to have quarterly studies

and an one-year study informing you of

the fiscal wellness of the company.

These studies are merely like study cards

you receive from school. The quarterly

studies state how much money the

company has made or lost and concern

activities during the coverage period.

The one-year study is a combination of

all quarterly studies and is frequently printed

with fancy charts and exposure. It

gives elaborate concern and fiscal information about the company. As a

stockholder, every twelvemonth you ll be invited to go to the one-year stockholders meeting,

where you can inquire Mr. Gates inquiries about Microsoft.

In add-on, you will hold the right to vote for Microsoft s board of managers, the

stockholders representatives who keep path of the of import issues of the

company. They will, in bend, engage officers such as Chairman Gates to run the


Most companies use a one-vote-one-share system. Even though your one portion of

Microsoft does non number much against Mr. Gates s 1000000s of ballots, the company

takes each ballot earnestly. If you can non travel to the one-year stockholder s meeting, they

will direct you an absentee ballot.

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