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Stonewall Jackson Research Paper Stonewall Jackson

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Stonewall Jackson Essay, Research Paper

Stonewall Jackson, born January 21, 1824 was one of the most celebrated Confederate generals and one of the best officers to function for General Robert E. Lee. But Jackson wasn? T merely born a general, he earned it. Since his parents died when he was really immature, life was really unsmooth for him. He was raised by his uncle, Cummins Jackson, a Miller who lived near what is now known as Weston, West Virginia.

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Stonewall Jackson Research Paper Stonewall Jackson
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Subsequently on, he was appointed to the U.

S. Military Academy. He had to work several times harder than the other plebes to larn the lessons in school because of hapless instruction when he was immature. But his classs easy increased until he graduated. He was said to hold been in the upper tierce of his category. His military calling had merely begun.

Equally shortly as he received his committee as lieutenant of heavy weapon, Jackson was assigned to the war zone in Mexico.

There he foremost met Robert E. Lee. Jackson served at Veracruz, Contreras, Chapultepec, and Mexico City, and rose to the impermanent rank of major within a twelvemonth.

In 1850, after the Mexican war was over he went to Florida to contend the Seminole Indians. Jackson left the ground forces in 1850 and became a math professor at Virginia Military Institute where he taught for 10 old ages. He was non a really good instructor of math. Many pupils mocked him and made merriment of how spiritual he was. In 1853, he married Elinor Junkin, who died a twelvemonth subsequently. In 1857, he married Mary Anna Morrison.

Jackson joined the Con

federacy and shortly made his repute as Stonewall Jackson at the First Battle of Bull Run, besides called Manassas. When his work forces were withdrawing he stood still while enemy soldiers were firing at him. His military personnels saw him and one of them shouted “There is Jackson standing like a stonewall.” Merely so did his work forces have the bravery to contend on and finally win. In 1862, in the Shenandoah vale Jackson earned international celebrity by get the better ofing 60,000 Union soldiers with merely 17,000 military personnels. After the run ended he went to assist Robert E. Lee in Richmond. He and Lee were really near to each other and knew each other like brothers. Other conflicts Jackson fought in were The Seven Days Battles, Cedar Mountain, the Second Battle of Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredericksburg.

Jackson fought his greatest conflict in May 1863. He and his Second Corps struck the Union from behind near Chancellorsville and defeated them. At nightfall is when tragedy struck. In the darkness some of Jackson? s work forces mistook him for the enemy and shooting him. His left arm had to be amputated because of slug lesions. General Lee commented and said & # 8221 ; He has lost his left arm ; but I have lost my right arm. & # 8221 ;

Eight yearss after he was shot, May 10, he died of pneumonia. The Confederate ground forces had won the conflict in which Jackson had fallen, but the opportunities of winning the war had grown really little. Jackson was buried at Lexington, Va. He was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1955. Some say if Stonewall Jackson didn? T dice, the South would hold won the war.

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