Stop All School Tests Essay

Just take a moment to think…

imagine schools becoming like factories , packed with robot like children, doing the same thing, all learning similar objectives. Every controlled step they take leads them to a dead end future. Do you want your child to be like that? Not expressing their true abilities- No, of course you don’t want that, so its time to act. It’s time to ban SAT’s.

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Stop All School Tests
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SAT’s are standardized assessment tests. Most SAT’s take place in May; they are taken in year 2, 6 and year 9.

The exams are used by the government to monitor not just how well a student is doing but it is also used to observe if the teachers are doing their job. Research has shown that students are tested not on their talent but their ability on how much information they can pack into their brain.

Although the tests are to check on performance of schools, many students stress over little, time wasting exams.

So is this a good idea? Do we really need SAT’s, or is this just a waste of time? The thing about SAT’s is that these stressing and traumatizing tests don’t reflect student’s abilities. Taking these test are a misuse of time, education and definitely paper. Imagine how much more the students could have learnt something new and more efficient (and how much paper they could of saved-a lot I imagine) maybe something that would actually help them get a job.

So it time to scarp the SAT’s. Many people across the country want to get rid of SAT’s for many reasons.Firstly, too much time has been spent on tedious teachers going over the same topic every week. Student having to be force-fed information just to pass a few lousy tests.

During this time the curriculum becomes narrower. Causing students and teachers to become restless and taking the joy out of learning. Going to school should be a delight but in some students mind it’s a chore. Children everyday dread to go to school, no wonder the number of children truencing has increases each year.

How can you blame them?But what do the teachers and students think? Should we ban the SAT’s ?”Think that they do not test children’s knowledge, they test children’s stamina. Some children are not able to cope with exam conditions and this causes extreme stress. I think they are Stupid And Terrible””I Think SATs ask too much and they don’t allow children to use their imagination. They test the ability to remember things, not the knowledge to know things.

“Remember the children of today our adults of tomorrow. So make the right choice.

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