Stop Smoking Cigarettes Essay

I think that Americans should stop smoking cigarettes - Stop Smoking Cigarettes Essay introduction. First, cigarettes are very bad for the body’s health. Second, smoking cigarettes is a very expensive habit. Finally, people should stop smoking because not only is it bad for your health but it is also bad for the appearance. Americans should stop smoking cigarettes since it is so detrimental to there health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) cigarette smoking accounts for at least 30% of all cancer deaths(“Smoking“).

The main cancers that cigarette smoking causes are lung, larynx, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidney, bladder, and acute myeloid leukemia(“Smoking“). As bad as all of that sounds, cancers caused by smoking do not even account for half of cigarette caused deaths. Smoking cigarettes is also a major cause of heart disease, aneurysms, bronchitis, emphysema, and strokes(“Smoking“). According to the CDC tobacco use is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths in the United States(“Smoking“). Smoking also causes damage to women’s reproductive system and can cause erectile dysfunction in males.

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The CDC also reports that from 2000-2004 cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke Alexander 2 caused an estimated 443,000 deaths throughout America and 5. 1 million years of potential life lost(“Mortality“). That means that in 4 years more Americans died from smoking cigarettes than the 416,000 American lives lost during World War 2 (“Wikipedia“). It seems like the Tobacco company’s are having a war of its own on American civilians and the government is just letting it happen because they make billions of dollars doing it.

Secondly, people should stop smoking because it is an expensive habit to have. The average cost of a single pack of cigarettes is around $5. Then since the average smoker will smoke up to a pack a day, they would spend around $35 a week which could be filling up your tank of gas. That means that the average smoker will spend $1,820 a year. If someone smoked for 30 years then they would have spent $54,600 on cigarettes which are slowly killing them. With $50,000 a parent could afford to send their kid to a four year school or someone could just buy a nice boat or car. It does not make a ot of sense for people to spend so much of there money on something that reduces the quality of life. Finally, I think that Americans should stop smoking cigarettes because it has bad effects on your appearance. When people smoke cigarettes enzymes are triggered that break down collagen, which is a main protein needed for maintaining elasticity in the skin, and overtime your complexion will worsen and appear old and dry(“Appearance“). Wrinkles will eventually start appearing more often. Also smokers lips turn darker over time and some people will develop under-eye dark circles(“Appearance“).

Smoking not only affects your skins appearance but also it slows down the skins healing process, so Alexander 3 burns and scabs are less likely to heal fast. The risk for getting Squamous cell Carcinoma, which is a skin cancer, is greatly increased when smoking cigarettes(“Appearance“). Americans should definitely quit smoking cigarettes. First, because cigarettes are very bad for the body’s health and is one of the leading causes of death in America. Secondly, people should quit smoking because it is a very expensive habit. Finally, Americans should stop smoking because it has harmful effects on the skins appearance.

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